The Caisis team has always been dedicated to supporting the growing user community of Caisis adopters, but many centers need additional support. To address this need, BioDigital provides Caisis Enterprise Solutions - a dedicated consulting team capable of meeting all of the needs of Caisis adopters. Staff members have been the core development team working on Caisis since the project's inception. BioDigital is well positioned to address the needs of the Caisis community at reduced academic rates.

Services and support include the following:
  • Installation and Setup
  • Software Customization
    • eForm Development
    • New Modules
    • New Tables, fields and interfaces
    • Reports and data analysis
    • Plug-ins and utilities
  • Data Imports
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Collection Workflows
  • Hosting
  • Data Management & User Training

For more information please send contact us at caisis@biodigital.com.