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Version 6.0 New Features

Version 5.0 New Features.

version 4.5 features available upon request

Version Component Issue Type   Summary Status Issue ID
Caisis 4.1 Core: EForms New Feature   Add CaisisExtendedRadioButtonList and CaisisExtendedCheckBox list to mimic InetPub Input Controls Closed CAISIS COR-768
  Add-on: Protocol Manager Bug   Make .Net 2.0 compatible Closed CAISIS COR-712
  Back-end : Data Feeds Bug   Kidney N Stage entered prior to the 4.0 migration can not be found Closed CAISIS COR-737
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Colorectal pathology Findings: Need to add 2 columns to the Colorectal Path Findings Table Closed CAISIS COR-704
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Make LkpCode column 255 characters in lookupcodes table Closed CAISIS COR-725
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Add extra histology fields to ThyroidPath table Closed CAISIS COR-724
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Add columns to PathologyStageGrade Table Closed CAISIS COR-774
  Back-end : Data Model New Feature   Build SurgeryAppointment table for OR scheduling feed Closed CAISIS COR-723
  Back-end : Database SQL Bug   Chrono list Protocol Dates does not sort properly. Closed CAISIS COR-714
  Core : Admin Utility Enhancement   Put counter on interface to add/edit lookup codes and descriptions Closed CAISIS COR-715
  Core : Admin Utility Enhancement   Add interface to send email notifications to surgery web form users Closed CAISIS COR-764
  Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Add / Edit Physician and Protocols pages not formatted well in FireFox. When used via pop up layer, Combo Boxes also disappear before user can rollover options. Closed CAISIS COR-726
  Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Buttons are not set properly on forms that are one to one such as brachytherapy and social history Closed CAISIS COR-727
  Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   When entering data and doing a search the screen goes white and needs be closed Closed CAISIS COR-732
  Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Patient info in header is not updated on change on demographic data Closed CAISIS COR-687
  Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Hitting Add New Row Button on Datagrids throws error when no values in parent record Closed CAISIS COR-697
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   Advanced search. Ability to search on identifier and pathology values Closed CAISIS COR-706
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   If patient is deceased their header information should be highlighted Closed CAISIS COR-688
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   Revised datagrids that don't require screen refresh Closed CAISIS COR-705
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   Add PathGradeStage form to the PathNodesFindings Form for RPLND Closed CAISIS COR-735
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   Update Chron list default view to List All from List Most Relevant Closed CAISIS COR-750
  Core: Data Entry Forms Task   Remove deprecated classes and scripts such as old combo box, is dirty, and validation js scripts Closed CAISIS COR-717
  Core: Data Entry Forms Task   Add penile TNM stage lookup codes Closed CAISIS COR-759
  Core: EForms Bug   Update eform styles for IE7 compatibility Closed CAISIS COR-760
  Core: EForms Bug   Update Generic Transform Report to handle all new surgery eforms Closed CAISIS COR-762
  Core: EForms Bug   Dates entered are missing leading zeros which affects the chron list sorting Closed CAISIS COR-730
  Core: EForms Enhancement   Replace old eform selects with new eform selects that extend the 4.0 combo box Closed CAISIS COR-716
  Core: EForms Enhancement   Add logic to eform migration so that allows the merging of Procedures/Path/OpRoomDetail records Closed CAISIS COR-719
  Core: EForms Enhancement   update eforms and paper forms for printing in IE7 Closed CAISIS COR-761
  Core: EForms Enhancement   Medication Stop Date is needed (hits table data, not xml) Closed CAISIS COR-767
  Core: EForms Enhancement   Remove unnecessary save step before approval (allow approval if permission exists, otherwise save) Closed CAISIS COR-510
  Core: EForms Enhancement   eForm: Create an eForm for documenting cystoscopy procedures in an outpatient setting Closed CAISIS COR-682
  Core: EForms New Feature   Report of Eform should be emailed to surgeon on approval Closed CAISIS COR-766
  Core: EForms New Feature   Add Admin Section for Eforms and Add utility to view eforms by date Closed CAISIS COR-763
  Core: EForms New Feature   New Surgery Web Forms: Colorectal Surgery,Colorectal Intake,Nephrectomy Details,Cystectomy Details,Urinary Diversion,Head and Neck Surgery,Thyroid Surgery,Gastric Surgery,Pancreas Surgery,Orchiectomy Details Closed CAISIS COR-707
  Core: EForms New Feature   Surgery Web Forms in Caisis : get feed for scheduled surgeries Closed CAISIS COR-708
  Core: EForms New Feature   Surgery Web Forms in Caisis : create auto login so users clicking on email link can enter their password and go directly to eform Closed CAISIS COR-709
  Core: Paper Forms Bug   Patient Flow Form not displaying Meds, Allergies and Comorbs properly Closed CAISIS COR-746
  Data Analysis : HPI Bug   Bladder HPI Remove urinary diversion label Closed CAISIS COR-729
  Operations Enhancement   Follow-up Process: Change follow-up interval to 60 days between letters Closed CAISIS COR-559
  Reports Bug   Patient Summary reports was not displaying patient allergies, medications, and comorbidities Closed CAISIS COR-742
  Reports New Feature   Three new Security reports: password ever changed, password reuse & termination of access Closed CAISIS COR-751
  Security Enhancement   Password Change: force password change after x amount of time Closed CAISIS COR-741
  Security New Feature   Password Update: do not allow user to use any of x number of past passwords Closed CAISIS COR-740
  Security New Feature   Enforce password update on first login Closed CAISIS COR-739
  Usability Bug   Tabbing through combo boxes leaves it open Closed CAISIS COR-736
  Usability Enhancement   Ability to view the audit log for a specific record Closed CAISIS COR-141
  Usability Enhancement   When searching for patient make MRN or Name not found message more prominent Closed CAISIS COR-733
  Usability Enhancement   Add a New Patient: Add a cancel button to clear the fields if a user decides to not enter a new patient Closed CAISIS COR-685
  Usability New Feature   Model Dialogue to allow entry of new patient, protocols, physcians without leaving patient data section Closed CAISIS COR-695
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify spRptPostOpFU -modify last PSA selection Closed File 1
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify ThyroidPath table -add node histology summary columns Closed File 2
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify PatientConsent table -add fuzzy date column Closed File 3
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify OrchiectomyPath table -remove PathExtension column Closed File 4
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify LookupCodes and Synonyms table -LkpCode 255 length Closed File 5
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify spFindPatient -add ability to search identifiers/path table Closed File 6
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify protocol chronolist sorting add protoalias/ProcSite GUHPI Closed File 7
  DB Change Script Bug   Modify Bladder HPI. Remove UD label, remove duplicate UD Closed File 8
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify ColorectalPathFinding table rename 2 columns add 2 Closed File 9
  DB Change Script New Feature   Modify and add security reports Closed File 10
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify spFormListBiopsies @PathologyId -->@ProcedureId Closed File 11
  DB Change Script New Feature   Add SurgeryAppointment table Closed File 12
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify disease specific procedure /OperationRoomDetails tables Closed File 13
  DB Change Script New Feature   Create table HeadNeckProc Closed File 14
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify spChronoListPatientConsent use ConsentDateText Closed File 15
  DB Change Script New Feature   Create Specimen Tables -for specimen tracker Closed File 16
  DB Change Script New Feature   Create spChronoListSpecimenAccessions -for specimen tracker Closed File 17
  DB Change Script New Feature   Modify spChronologicalList for -for specimen tracker Closed File 18
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify PathologyStageGrade table-add quality,notes,datasource Closed File 19
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify various HPIs that joined to PathologyStageGrade table Closed File 20
  DB Change Script Bug   Add default constraint 0 on 3 bit fields Closed File 21
  DB Change Script Bug   Modify UrinaryDiversionProc ProcUreterAnast->ProcL_UreterAnast Closed File 22
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify OperatingRoomDetails Table -add more fluid fields for eform Closed File 23
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify NephrectomyProc Table -add eform field Closed File 24
  DB Change Script Bug   Handle NULL in pending bit fields for HPI Closed File 25
  DB Change Script New Feature   Create auditlog tables and triggers for Specimen tables Closed File 26
  DB Change Script Bug   Modify spUpdateAuditLogDeletedBy- Dual key bug Closed File 27
  DB Change Script Bug   Modify SpecimenPositions primary key- make single key Closed File 28
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify CystectomyProc table -Add ProcR_NVB_Donor Closed File 29
  DB Change Script New Feature   Create spValidatePasswordPolicy Closed File 30
  DB Change Script Enhancement   Modify spValidateLogin Closed File 31

Caisis 4.0 Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Date Fields wrap in IE 7.0 Closed CAISIS COR-696

Patches Core: Data Entry Forms Bug   Combos and Drop down using Lookup Distinct Not Functional Closed CAISIS COR-702

Caisis 4.0 Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Revised Procedure/Pathology/Operating Room Details tables and child tables to support easier future extension to other diseases Closed CAISIS COR-793
  Back-end : Data Model New Feature   Added Meta Data tables to control customization of data entry fields Closed CAISIS COR-785
  Core : Admin Utility New Feature   Added interface to associated patients with multiple institutions Closed CAISIS COR-789
  Core : Admin Utility New Feature   Added interface to add/edit institutions (important for datasets) Closed CAISIS COR-790
  Core: Data Analysis Enhancement   Export Feature: recoded UI for dynamic display of interface elements based on Business Object attributes Closed CAISIS COR-780
  Core: Data Analysis Enhancement   Export Feature: Refactored code so exported data would be associated with diseases and deintified based on Business Object attributes Closed CAISIS COR-781
  Core: Data Entry Forms Enhancement   Patient Data: The patient data section will be completely rearchitected to better support meta data and revised data structures and interfaces Closed CAISIS COR-681
  Core: Data Entry Forms New Feature   Complete rewrite of data entry form code: forms are dynamic and properties are based on admin configurable meta data Closed CAISIS COR-782
  Core: Data Entry Forms New Feature   Added XML file to allow total configuration of Patient Data Entry interfaces including menus, titles and embedding of forms/sub-forms Closed CAISIS COR-783
  Core: Data Entry Forms New Feature   Patient Data: Clinical stage encapsulate clinical stage logic as a Plug-in Closed CAISIS COR-425
  Core: EForms Enhancement   Added Eform Registry (XML config file) to centralize eform availability and properties Closed CAISIS COR-791
  Core: EForms Enhancement   eForm Module: Add attribute to eform to toggle printing on/off Closed CAISIS COR-673
  Core: EForms Enhancement   eForm Module: Enlarge buttons on the eForm list for adding eForms and viewing prior eForms Closed CAISIS COR-625
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   eForm Module: Investigate options to automate the printing of eForms after approval Closed CAISIS COR-628
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Major Enhancements to Data Access Tier: Added dynamic SQL for standard transactions/removed dependency on update, insert, select, and delete stored procedures Closed CAISIS COR-778
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Add configuration variable to quickly change between U.S.and International date formats. Closed CAISIS COR-504
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Enhanced Caisis Data Entry Controls for rapid development: Control properties include Required, Input Control Type, Field Label, Description, Calendar, Number Pad, and Loo Closed CAISIS COR-786
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues New Feature   Completely re-architected middle tier (OR Mapper) to support attribute based rules, data integrity, and transactions Closed CAISIS COR-779
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues New Feature   Datasets: Need admin interface to move a patient from one institution to another Closed CAISIS COR-555
  Operations New Feature   Added Tables and Forms for new diseases including Breast, Thyroid, Colorectal, Gastric, and Pancreas Closed CAISIS COR-794
  Operations Task   Follow-up Process: Ensure that the follow-up batch process works for all 4 diseases Closed CAISIS COR-560
  Plug-ins Enhancement   File Manager: Add functionality to upload multiple images/files associated with a record Closed CAISIS COR-571
  Plug-ins Enhancement   File / Image Manager: Add functionality to upload multiple files to a record. Closed CAISIS COR-572
  Plug-ins New Feature   PSA Graph: Add feature for setting the start and stop dates for the graph (can't fix: source code not available) Closed CAISIS COR-538
  Plug-ins New Feature   Added Plugin Registry (XML config file) and ability to dynamically assign plugins to data entry interfaces Closed CAISIS COR-787
  Usability Bug   Update calendar style and icon Closed CAISIS COR-469
  Usability Enhancement   Revised Add/Edit Physicians interface and put within modal dialogue for access anywhere within the system Closed CAISIS COR-776
  Usability Enhancement   Updated Patient List menus to display second tier menus: met the need for the increased number of patients/physicians/protocols and filtering through them Closed CAISIS COR-792
  Usability Enhancement   Revised Add/Edit Protocols interface and put within modal dialogue for access anywhere within the system Closed CAISIS COR-777
  Usability Enhancement   Put Add New Patient in Modal Dialogue so it's accessible from anywhere within the system Closed CAISIS COR-775
  Usability Enhancement   Add verification pop-up for deleted items Closed CAISIS COR-162
  Usability New Feature   Cross platform Compatibility: added support for FireFox 2.0, IE 6 & 7, and basic Safari support Closed CAISIS COR-196
Caisis 3.5 Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   New Tables: Look-up Tables for tagging related codes Closed CAISIS COR-546
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   New Tables: Image management tables Closed CAISIS COR-545
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   eForm Module: Remove summary fields from meta data tables Closed CAISIS COR-592
  Back-end : Data Model New Feature   Error Log: Store error log in the database for easier searching of common problems Closed CAISIS COR-667
  Back-end : Data Model New Feature   New Tables: Problem Lists and Plan Closed CAISIS COR-544
  Back-end : Data Model New Feature   New Tables: Add new tables to support the eForms Closed CAISIS COR-543
  Back-end : Data Model Task   eForm Module: Increase max character for Problem Plan fields to 255 Closed CAISIS COR-588
  Data Analysis : HPI Enhancement   Create Kidney HPI Closed CAISIS COR-76
  Documentation Enhancement   eForm Module: eForm report should mimic the current prostate fu form Closed CAISIS COR-634
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm Module: Problem and Plans do not display properly in the Review report pop-up Closed CAISIS COR-631
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Workflow: Error on redirect when patient not in session Closed CAISIS COR-573
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm Module: Dynamic form for neural stimulation causes an error when launched Closed CAISIS COR-650
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm Module: Quick logout will log you out of Caisis and throw an error if used on the eForm list page Closed CAISIS COR-674
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm Module: An eForm approved on Eastham's list is displayed on Mulhall's list as approved Closed CAISIS COR-675
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm Module: Clicking Delete button does not clear data in rows Closed CAISIS COR-579
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   eForm Module: Adding data through layers on Review Data screen takes too long Closed CAISIS COR-578
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   eForm Module: Form should return a user to the same section of a page when a record from the database is saved or modified. Closed CAISIS COR-649
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   eForm Module: New select boxes should not display a cursor in the field Closed CAISIS COR-651
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Architectural Enhancements Closed CAISIS COR-550
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Task   eForm Module: Next button on the first screen of the eForm does not respond Closed CAISIS COR-608
  Plug-ins Bug   eForm Module: DRE and ECE select fields do not work and throw javascript errors Closed CAISIS COR-593
  Plug-ins Bug   eForm Module: Problem Plan bug when adding new items after a record saved Closed CAISIS COR-577
  Plug-ins Bug   eForm Module: Laboratory has formatting issues after a record is entered Closed CAISIS COR-615
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add formatting to emphasize the clinicians performing the exam Closed CAISIS COR-616
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Remove veification step and integrate data review and updates in the Review Report step. Closed CAISIS COR-633
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Surgery interface needs to be modified to allow the entry of RP, PLND, and Neural Stim details Closed CAISIS COR-584
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Need to add hidden rows for entering additional data. Closed CAISIS COR-581
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Complete DRE interface Closed CAISIS COR-594
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add back button to eForm to aid navigation between sections of the eForm Closed CAISIS COR-609
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Saving data entered through a layer should refresh the page to the section the user started from Closed CAISIS COR-612
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Highlite row clicked in the review data section of the eForm Closed CAISIS COR-601
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Remove attendings name from header and just display username as the current user Closed CAISIS COR-602
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Rename eForm List button to Clinic List Closed CAISIS COR-603
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Replace eForm List Status Text with Graphic Closed CAISIS COR-580
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add attending performed to Exam interface Closed CAISIS COR-585
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add prompt when the eForm start button is clicked without selecting a form type Closed CAISIS COR-589
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add header halfway in ROS and Exam, so users can see what column they are in after scrolling Closed CAISIS COR-591
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add full name of form to eForm list when eForm initiated Closed CAISIS COR-590
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Create standard report for Prostatectomy eForm output Closed CAISIS COR-676
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add eForm splash screen and search functionality Closed CAISIS COR-587
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Next and Delete buttons should be separated on the interface, so users do not click delete by mistake Closed CAISIS COR-611
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Add clinic date to Encounter date Closed CAISIS COR-595
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Deactivate backspace button when focus outside of an input field Closed CAISIS COR-597
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Increase clickable area around ROS and Exam radio buttons Closed CAISIS COR-599
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Modify medical therapy section to autopopulate the agent type based on the agent selected. Closed CAISIS COR-604
  Plug-ins Enhancement   eForm Module: Default status date to clinic date when status selected Closed CAISIS COR-605
  Plug-ins New Feature   eForm Module: Add locked icon to pop-up entry screens instead of alert Closed CAISIS COR-606
  Plug-ins New Feature   eForms Module: Two new eForms for Prostate Cancer will be created Closed CAISIS COR-549
  Plug-ins New Feature   eForm Module Closed CAISIS COR-542
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Change allergy response from select box to combo box Closed CAISIS COR-613
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Remove New patient eForm from the list of available eForms Closed CAISIS COR-600
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: eForm report should bold all headers, so users can differentiate data from the form layout Closed CAISIS COR-621
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Remove eForm splash screen so users can begin entering data as soon as the form loads Closed CAISIS COR-607
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Remove units from the laboratory input fields Closed CAISIS COR-598
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Separate Other therapies into a new section labeled Prostate Cancer Therapy Closed CAISIS COR-614
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Add "/" to number pad for entering vital signs Closed CAISIS COR-610
  Plug-ins Task   eForm Module: Change person performing exam to check boxes instead of Radio Buttons Closed CAISIS COR-583
  Reports Enhancement   eForm Module: Automatically calculate BSA based on height and weight Closed CAISIS COR-596
  Reports Enhancement   Add a report that breaks down all procedures by year Closed CAISIS COR-214
  Reports New Feature   MIS Report or Follow-up Report post surgery Closed CAISIS COR-537
  Usability Bug   eForm Module: Add encounter physician and date to the Chief Complaint section of the eForm Closed CAISIS COR-666
  Usability Bug   Patient List: The new status change on the patient list screen is causing formatting issues Closed CAISIS COR-672
  Usability Bug   Security not enforced in Find box Closed CAISIS COR-564
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add a button to Select all values in a column in the ROS and Exam sections Closed CAISIS COR-619
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add not done to ROS and Exam for items not asked or performed Closed CAISIS COR-620
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Modify Next and Back buttons so they jump between individual eform entry screens and major sections. Closed CAISIS COR-641
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add check boxes for commonly entered comorbidities Closed CAISIS COR-653
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add a check box to display all medicaitions entered for a user Closed CAISIS COR-647
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Divide PSA and other lab tests into two separate sections Closed CAISIS COR-648
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Hide Report header and footer while reviewing Closed CAISIS COR-662
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add the word "normal" to the Exam header that corresponds to normal findings Closed CAISIS COR-618
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Remove or hide DRE interface when the patient has had a prostatectomy Closed CAISIS COR-660
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: List current protocols for patients in the disposition section of the eForm Closed CAISIS COR-661
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Replace survey radio buttons with select box interfaces Closed CAISIS COR-617
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Add two notes fields for the Urinary and Sexual Function surveys Closed CAISIS COR-624
  Usability Enhancement   eForm Module: Remove the word viagra from the survey question and replace it wih the generic term Sildenafil Closed CAISIS COR-629
  Usability Enhancement   An interface to view approved, eForm Narratives will have to be created Closed CAISIS COR-509
  Usability Enhancement   Interface to add walk-ins to the appointments table Closed CAISIS COR-142
  Usability New Feature   Quick Login and Logout Screen Closed CAISIS COR-552
  Usability New Feature   Image Storage: Add functionality to store and display images in Caisis Closed CAISIS COR-539
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Vital Sign fields should be made larger Closed CAISIS COR-622
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add IPSS to survey interface Closed CAISIS COR-643
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add intracavernosal injection back to QOL interface Closed CAISIS COR-663
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add comments section below Problem Plan that feeds to the Encounters Notes field Closed CAISIS COR-665
  Usability Task   eForm Modules: Add notes fields to all surgery interfaces Closed CAISIS COR-654
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Relabel treatments section to Prostate Cancer Treatments Closed CAISIS COR-655
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Problem Plan: Reduce size of input fields by half Closed CAISIS COR-656
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add Side field to procedure interface Closed CAISIS COR-658
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Fix formatting issue and placement of the calendar tool in the surgery section Closed CAISIS COR-630
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Remove result field the procedure interface Closed CAISIS COR-632
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Display print button after the eForm is approved Closed CAISIS COR-627
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add number pads to Survey erection percent fields Closed CAISIS COR-664
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Modify SurveyItems to match values entered through patient data section Closed CAISIS COR-669
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Review text for confusing abbreviations and grammar Closed CAISIS COR-638
  Usability Task   eForm Module: Add number pad to numeric input fields Closed CAISIS COR-639
  Usability Task   Cystrectomy Op Pedical Staple Fields should be converted from Text to Select boxes. Closed CAISIS COR-565
  Vocabularies Enhancement   eForm Module: Add filters to lookup codes to reduce the number of options displayed. Closed CAISIS COR-582
  Vocabularies Task   eForm Module: Add procedure and complications lookup values to interface Closed CAISIS COR-657
  Vocabularies Task   eForm Module: Problem / Plan: add more Referrals to the list Closed CAISIS COR-636
  Vocabularies Task   eForm Module: Add lookup values to T stage in the DRE section of the eform Closed CAISIS COR-623
  Vocabularies Task   eForm Module: Add lookup source for brachytherapy icons Closed CAISIS COR-626
  Vocabularies Task   eForm Module: Problem Plan interface needs lookup codes Closed CAISIS COR-586
  Vocabularies Task   ProcCystectomiesPath form: Invasion Field name replaced with YesNoUnknown Closed CAISIS COR-566
Caisis 3.0 Back-end : Data Feeds Enhancement   Import Protocol Registration Information Closed CAISIS COR-88
  Back-end : Data Model Bug   Fix insert procedures by using IdentityScope() instead of @@Identity Closed CAISIS COR-182
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Need protocol short description Closed CAISIS COR-65
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Bad path to login page on session timeout Closed CAISIS COR-525
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Header not updated when the Patient info screen updated Closed CAISIS COR-339
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Sub form menus are inactive after saving a record Closed CAISIS COR-406
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   eForm: Nested span elements Closed CAISIS COR-400
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Forms:eForm the Prepopulated fields Saving Closed CAISIS COR-396
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Forms: eForms the "Is Dirty" feature runs when you click preview form even when data was not entered Closed CAISIS COR-397
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Clinical stages are delted when the edit button is clicked Closed CAISIS COR-418
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Endoscopies clicking edit deletes the T stage Closed CAISIS COR-419
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol Manager: Item entry, Survey Table dynamic SQL conflicts with foreign Key Closed CAISIS COR-358
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data Tab: Header the check for patient in session does not match Closed CAISIS COR-346
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Workflow: Does next/save always save? Closed CAISIS COR-426
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: RPLND "Is Dirty" function causes error when staging button clicked Closed CAISIS COR-415
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Workflow: encounter, clicking encounters does not load all encounters in DVV Closed CAISIS COR-432
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Workflows: Survey DVV does not load when the form is selected. Closed CAISIS COR-435
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Datagrid: Edit links accessible on all datagrid rows Closed CAISIS COR-439
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   DVV List: Cystectomy: Clicking an item on the DVV causes an error Closed CAISIS COR-409
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Nephrectomy Path Findings form not found Closed CAISIS COR-413
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Dietary Intake Clicking save with no date entered causes and erro Closed CAISIS COR-446
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   patient Data: Consent Form error caused when saving without a date Closed CAISIS COR-447
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Clinical Stage Quality select box disappears Closed CAISIS COR-457
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Issue with the PatientID matching the DiagnosticID Closed CAISIS COR-512
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Being Booted: When booted, the user is redirected to the wrong URL Closed CAISIS COR-483
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Deleting a patient causes "404 resource not found" redirect Closed CAISIS COR-452
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol Manager: List Item Fields Error when a schema item is NULL Closed CAISIS COR-454
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol Manager: Disease view does not work Closed CAISIS COR-475
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Batch Print: Add paging functionality from version 2.2 Closed CAISIS COR-468
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Comorbidities do not allow users to make corrections to entered text. Closed CAISIS COR-487
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol Manager: User able to schedule a date outside of the schema timeframe without warining Closed CAISIS COR-488
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol manager: Error Editing a record checked as complete Closed CAISIS COR-489
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Patient Data: Nephrectomy path findings form is causus an error Closed CAISIS COR-493
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Protocol Manager: Added a new schema item and error stated that a "specified cast is not valid" Closed CAISIS COR-495
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Patient Data: Comorbidities page takes longer to load than other sections. Closed CAISIS COR-455
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues New Feature   Protocol Manager: Add ability to split buffer time before and/of after a given date Closed CAISIS COR-499
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues New Feature   Tabs: Security on Dynamic Tabs Closed CAISIS COR-398
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues New Feature   Config Files: Centralize all config files to one Folder Closed CAISIS COR-401
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Task   Concurrency needs to be confirmed that it is working properly Closed CAISIS COR-429
  Plug-ins Bug   tid parameter not being passed to schedulevisits.aspx Closed CAISIS COR-501
  Plug-ins Enhancement   Common API to Support Plug-ins Closed CAISIS COR-217
  Plug-ins New Feature   Electronic OR Interface Closed CAISIS COR-188
  Plug-ins New Feature   Common API to Support Modules Closed CAISIS COR-191
  Plug-ins New Feature   Protocol Management Tool Closed CAISIS COR-187
  Reports Bug   Forms: Prostatectomy Preop form Causing an error Closed CAISIS COR-451
  Reports Enhancement   Modify Barcodes for Inpatient Forms Closed CAISIS COR-498
  Reports Task   HPI display of ECE results Closed CAISIS COR-513
  Usability Bug   Batch Printing: Hide form menus on the batch printing screen Closed CAISIS COR-458
  Usability Bug   Find a Patient: Error when clicking on the patient data section with no patient in session Closed CAISIS COR-436
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: QOL therapy the Date field is editable Closed CAISIS COR-472
  Usability Bug   Protocol Manager: Common Task menu does not appear in the protocol manager Closed CAISIS COR-479
  Usability Bug   Common Tasks: Menu bar the wrong color Closed CAISIS COR-480
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Prostatectomies does not allow for the entry of T-Stage Closed CAISIS COR-486
  Usability Bug   Forgot Password Link does not open the correct window Closed CAISIS COR-490
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: A very long physician name causes SQL error Closed CAISIS COR-445
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Cystectomy Pathology No T stage options Closed CAISIS COR-411
  Usability Bug   Data Analysis: Reports for surgeries per year, select box for years causes Jscript error Closed CAISIS COR-345
  Usability Bug   Patient Lists: Error clicking on print icon Closed CAISIS COR-357
  Usability Bug   Workflow: Clicking Next /Save only saved the record Closed CAISIS COR-430
  Usability Bug   Session Timeout Redirect path is wrong Closed CAISIS COR-427
  Usability Bug   Workflow: procedure error for the lockedby record on the phone number datagrid Closed CAISIS COR-428
  Usability Bug   Protocol Manager: Help causes a javascript error on all screens Closed CAISIS COR-344
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Protocols, Clicking add new protocol Closed CAISIS COR-348
  Usability Bug   Surgeries: RPLND form asked the user to save before entering the N stage Closed CAISIS COR-352
  Usability Bug   Forms: Prostate Preop Form: Error on page Closed CAISIS COR-365
  Usability Bug   Header: If a very long name is added then the header blows out the screen Closed CAISIS COR-372
  Usability Bug   Patient Lists: "Current List" dropdown does not change when a list is changed Closed CAISIS COR-375
  Usability Bug   Patient Lists: Clicking print forms for this list causes error Closed CAISIS COR-378
  Usability Bug   Edit Protocol: Error saving protocol changes Closed CAISIS COR-383
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Clinical Stage scroll bar issue Closed CAISIS COR-388
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Clinical Stage data deleted when you click edit Closed CAISIS COR-390
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Brachytherapy Scheduling date field is editable and allows the entry of a bad date Closed CAISIS COR-470
  Usability Bug   Survey Items: Delete Subform Closed CAISIS COR-353
  Usability Bug   Survey Items: error when adding, deleting, or canceling survey items Closed CAISIS COR-354
  Usability Bug   Button Logic: New record that is cancelled Closed CAISIS COR-41
  Usability Bug   Patient Name Display - Add Middle Name & Suffix Closed CAISIS COR-212
  Usability Bug   Patient Lists: Inpatient lists not functioning Closed CAISIS COR-374
  Usability Bug   Forms:Batch Printing, when you select "Populate these forms" an error is thrown Closed CAISIS COR-367
  Usability Bug   Forms: Batch Priting, Select box for selecting a form for all patients missing Closed CAISIS COR-368
  Usability Bug   Protocol Manager: Assign a patient to schema error Closed CAISIS COR-369
  Usability Bug   Workflows: Follow-up Wizard Ckicked on Booking/Dosimetry and received an error Closed CAISIS COR-370
  Usability Bug   Patient Data: Narrative, Error entering a narrative for a patient with no prior narrative Closed CAISIS COR-379
  Usability Bug   Header does not update when the demographic page is updated Closed CAISIS COR-333
  Usability Bug   Rectal Exam Result sb not retaining value when adding new datagrid row Closed CAISIS COR-526
  Usability Enhancement   Add a Patient: Country Combo box drops behind the bottom of the frame Closed CAISIS COR-371
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Assign patient to protocol and schema screen Closed CAISIS COR-359
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Prostatectomy Findings too large Closed CAISIS COR-408
  Usability Enhancement   Session Timeout Logic needs to be added and tested Closed CAISIS COR-410
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Item entry, Buttons and optional field links Closed CAISIS COR-362
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Choose Protocol, controls should be hidden until a protocol is selected Closed CAISIS COR-361
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Labels Closed CAISIS COR-363
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Subforms should open and close on mouseout/mouseover Closed CAISIS COR-405
  Usability Enhancement   Admin: Modules and Tabs Management Closed CAISIS COR-399
  Usability Enhancement   Add Message after deleting an eForm Closed CAISIS COR-340
  Usability Enhancement   Data Analysis Links Closed CAISIS COR-341
  Usability Enhancement   DVV List: If you enter a long string in the Datetext field it blows out the DVV list Closed CAISIS COR-376
  Usability Enhancement   Survey Item: Switch to new datagrid format Closed CAISIS COR-355
  Usability Enhancement   New Subform Menu Closed CAISIS COR-356
  Usability Enhancement   Review of Systems: Expand Data grid Closed CAISIS COR-351
  Usability Enhancement   Eform: Op Finding Intraop Prostate exam too wide Closed CAISIS COR-342
  Usability Enhancement   eForm: OpFindings Neurovascualar bundles too wide Closed CAISIS COR-343
  Usability Enhancement   Survey Datagrid: Reduce the width of the Survey Items Datagrid Closed CAISIS COR-434
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: edit physician screen should refresh patient physician screen Closed CAISIS COR-421
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Build Item, Item types are not alphabetized Closed CAISIS COR-360
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Item entry should populate the date field and not the datetext field Closed CAISIS COR-364
  Usability Enhancement   Edit a Physician: Frame height too small Closed CAISIS COR-380
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Protocol Need to add the Alias field to the User Interface Closed CAISIS COR-384
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Survey form needs redesign Closed CAISIS COR-433
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Help information for Sub form menus Closed CAISIS COR-461
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data: Neural Simulation fields are too small Closed CAISIS COR-407
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Data:Neural Stimulation datagrid needs to be widened Closed CAISIS COR-492
  Usability Enhancement   Inbox: Add instruction message to Inbox Closed CAISIS COR-482
  Usability Enhancement   Patient Lists: Need to put a trim on physician names in the physician menu Closed CAISIS COR-476
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Header needs to Highlight Closed CAISIS COR-477
  Usability Enhancement   eForm: Fix navigation to allow anchors and improve navigation Closed CAISIS COR-473
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Interface Useability Feedback Closed CAISIS COR-442
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Need to add the ability to "uncomplete" an item Closed CAISIS COR-459
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Tracker: Schedule Items Date Buttons Closed CAISIS COR-462
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Manager: Replace standard buttons with Image buttons Closed CAISIS COR-467
  Usability New Feature   Enhance Current XML Workflow Interface Closed CAISIS COR-192
  Usability Task   Main Splash Screen Icons Wrapping Closed CAISIS COR-402
  Usability Task   Patient Lists: Remove Default List Closed CAISIS COR-373
  Usability Task   Patient Data: Patient data link for Physicians pop-up Closed CAISIS COR-420
  Usability Task   Protocol Title: Trim title or use protocol alias Closed CAISIS COR-465
  Usability Task   Protocol Manager: Add help bubles dynamically Closed CAISIS COR-448
  Usability Task   About Screen: Need to update the content of the about screen Closed CAISIS COR-453
  Usability Task   Protocol Manager: Add protocol Make table taller Closed CAISIS COR-460
  Usability Task   Inbox: Remove print this form Icon Closed CAISIS COR-386
  Usability Task   Patient Data: Consents filtered out of the ALL disease view Closed CAISIS COR-394
  Usability Task   Patient Data: Medicaitons added a stope date that was before the start date and it was not flagged or blocked Closed CAISIS COR-494
  Usability Task   Patient Data: Brachytherapy Initial fields on Pre-Plan ar uneditable Closed CAISIS COR-471
  Usability Task   Data Analysis: Splash needs icons/buttons and report menu needs to be finalized Closed CAISIS COR-478
  Usability Task   Protocol Manager: Scheduling Visits DIV needs to be slightly taller Closed CAISIS COR-484
  Vocabularies Bug   Nephrectomy: Nuclear grade has not lookup values Closed CAISIS COR-412
  Vocabularies Enhancement   POT should be Erectile Function Assigned CAISIS COR-114
Caisis 2.2 Enhancement   Prostate Biopsy Core details (Intelligent data entry) Closed CAISIS COR-85
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Recode QOL therapy oral meds into medications Closed CAISIS COR-113
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   HPI for Testis and Bladder created/ modified Closed CAISIS COR-299
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Brachytherapy added to the Prostate HPI Closed CAISIS COR-300
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Prostate HPI modified to meet GU specific needs (GU Clinic forms only) Closed CAISIS COR-301
  Back-end : Data Model Enhancement   Biochemical Recurrence calculation error fixed Closed CAISIS COR-291
  Back-end : Data Model Task   Adjust CPT_description from varchar(100) to varchar(255) Closed CAISIS COR-40
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Cancelling new records Closed CAISIS COR-313
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   EndoscopyPathFindingsForm.ascx.cs error fixed Closed CAISIS COR-311
  Reports Bug   Lab Filter section Closed CAISIS COR-314
  Reports Enhancement   Batch Printing Feature Closed CAISIS COR-303
  Reports Enhancement   Ability to specifiy the where the data export file will be exported Closed CAISIS COR-304
  Reports Enhancement   Data Export to XML or Access Closed CAISIS COR-305
  Reports Enhancement   Vertical Barcodes added to all forms Closed CAISIS COR-306
  Reports Enhancement   Batch Printing in smaller packets Closed CAISIS COR-307
  Reports Enhancement   Batch Printing: field added to select form for all patients Closed CAISIS COR-308
  Reports Enhancement   Inpatient table added to database Closed CAISIS COR-309
  Reports Enhancement   Demographics from Appointments or Inpatient tables Closed CAISIS COR-310
  Usability Bug   Error deleting narrative fixed Closed CAISIS COR-312
  Usability Bug   User name javascript fixed on add User page Closed CAISIS COR-292
  Usability Bug   Fixed the cancel button on the email User account information page Closed CAISIS COR-293
  Usability Enhancement   Added logic to prompt the admin to add a new user to a group(s) Closed CAISIS COR-294
  Usability Enhancement   Added deactivate user logic to the admin Closed CAISIS COR-295
  Usability Enhancement   Added a confirmation when deleting user accounts Closed CAISIS COR-296
  Usability Enhancement   Ability to create new look up field names in the admin added Closed CAISIS COR-297
  Usability Enhancement   Lookup description added to the "Add lookup" form Closed CAISIS COR-298
  Usability Enhancement   Clinic List Items Closed CAISIS COR-320
  Usability Enhancement   Clinic List menu and Inpatient lists Closed CAISIS COR-321
  Usability Enhancement   Menus sizes changed Closed CAISIS COR-322
  Usability Enhancement   Physicians list now DB driven Closed CAISIS COR-323
  Usability Enhancement   Number of filters allowed Closed CAISIS COR-315
  Usability Enhancement   BSA and BMI calculator added Closed CAISIS COR-316
  Usability Enhancement   Death Type added to DVV Closed CAISIS COR-317
  Usability Enhancement   Patient info phone number datagrid Closed CAISIS COR-318
  Usability Enhancement   Add patient privileges Closed CAISIS COR-302
  Usability Enhancement   INternational date format Closed CAISIS COR-324
  Usability Enhancement   New Datagrid Closed CAISIS COR-325
  Usability Enhancement   XML driven workflows Closed CAISIS COR-326
  Usability Enhancement   Workflows within the patient data section Closed CAISIS COR-327
  Usability Enhancement   Add the ability to disable users in the system Closed CAISIS COR-198
  Usability Enhancement   Add max length to all fields (Some fields allow you to enter more data than can be stored in the database.) Closed CAISIS COR-136
  Usability Enhancement   Nephrectomies - Cannot add more than one nephrectomy Closed CAISIS COR-133
  Usability Enhancement   Add a Patient - Need Duplicate MRN Validation Closed CAISIS COR-134
  Usability Enhancement   The staging tabs in the Surgeries section don't really work, you can't tab from one field to another, kind of annoying. Closed CAISIS COR-158
  Usability Enhancement   When moving to a new data entry screen, the cursor does not automatically go to the date field in most of the screens. Closed CAISIS COR-163
  Usability Enhancement   Family history entry is extremely awkward – multiple screens and edits required for simple entry Closed CAISIS COR-155
  Usability Enhancement   Create calculation for Body Mass Index (BMI) Closed CAISIS COR-202
  Usability Task   PathFindHistology changed from a select box to a text box Closed CAISIS COR-319
Caisis 2.1 Data Analysis : Data Export Utility New Feature   Data Export added Unknown CAISIS COR-279
  Documentation Task   Updated License comment to GPL in index pages Closed CAISIS COR-250
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Redirect error Closed CAISIS COR-276
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Check boxes modified to include "True" Closed CAISIS COR-289
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Email Added javascript "getElementById" error fixed Closed CAISIS COR-237
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Bug   Fix made to ClientSideRedirect to check for DataSetID Closed CAISIS COR-234
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   inheritance logic revised Closed CAISIS COR-228
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Put inserting patients into patients table and datasets dimensions in transactions Closed CAISIS COR-231
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Session variables now can be stored in DB or server Closed CAISIS COR-281
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Method changes Closed CAISIS COR-268
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Error catching modified Closed CAISIS COR-272
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Groupviewcode Closed CAISIS COR-252
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Encryption added to database connection Closed CAISIS COR-239
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   CacheManager added and references made Closed CAISIS COR-240
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Caching logic consolidated into Cache Manager Closed CAISIS COR-241
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Data export enhancements Closed CAISIS COR-244
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Custom Keys in Web Config Closed CAISIS COR-286
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   DataSets used in Data export Closed CAISIS COR-287
  Miscellaneous Technical Issues Enhancement   Error logging Closed CAISIS COR-288
  Reports Bug   Fixed Buplicate MRN notification Closed CAISIS COR-249
  Reports Bug   Some date fields are not read only Closed CAISIS COR-233
  Reports Enhancement   Most relevant is the default view in the DVV list Closed CAISIS COR-229
  Reports Enhancement   Bladder Algorrythm created Closed CAISIS COR-253
  Reports Enhancement   Ineligibile protocols not displayed Closed CAISIS COR-254
  Reports Enhancement   Protocol interface updated Closed CAISIS COR-256
  Reports Enhancement   Summary report includes narrative Closed CAISIS COR-266
  Reports Enhancement   Menus added to Reports section Closed CAISIS COR-271
  Reports Enhancement   General Endoscopy form Closed CAISIS COR-277
  Reports Enhancement   Clinic forms modified to accomodate survey and item results Closed CAISIS COR-278
  Reports Enhancement   Log purpose with data export Closed CAISIS COR-280
  Reports Task   Some form fonts changed Closed CAISIS COR-267
  Usability Bug   Bug in cancel button Closed CAISIS COR-265
  Usability Bug   Tab index fixed Closed CAISIS COR-270
  Usability Bug   Review of system error Closed CAISIS COR-245
  Usability Bug   Delete button present for new records with no data Closed CAISIS COR-247
  Usability Bug   Fix to Histology field loading on edit in ProcNephrectomies Form Closed CAISIS COR-242
  Usability Bug   Captruing PLND for prostatectomy Closed CAISIS COR-226
  Usability Bug   Datagrid does not allow multi-year stage options Closed CAISIS COR-227
  Usability Bug   Narratives cannot be read without clicking edit Closed CAISIS COR-220
  Usability Bug   EncounterExam System and Exam were made required fields to meet unique constraint validation Closed CAISIS COR-221
  Usability Bug   Menu Wrapping Issue Closed CAISIS COR-222
  Usability Enhancement   PathFindHistology changed from a select box to a text box Closed CAISIS COR-42
  Usability Enhancement   PatientProtocol field redundant when a child table is available Closed CAISIS COR-238
  Usability Enhancement   Related sub items have the same date Closed CAISIS COR-236
  Usability Enhancement   Session timeout set to correspond with authorization timeout of two hours Closed CAISIS COR-235
  Usability Enhancement   Admin interface added to manage tabs and menus Closed CAISIS COR-258
  Usability Enhancement   DRE added as a subitem to encounters on DVV Closed CAISIS COR-259
  Usability Enhancement   HPI modified to display PLND results Closed CAISIS COR-260
  Usability Enhancement   Procedures.OpName added to NullsValidator Closed CAISIS COR-232
  Usability Enhancement   Permission based Tabs and Menus Closed CAISIS COR-219
  Usability Enhancement   Screen added to edit the protocol table Closed CAISIS COR-230
  Usability Enhancement   Staging Wizard added Closed CAISIS COR-243
  Usability Enhancement   Improved the contact status menu Closed CAISIS COR-248
  Usability Enhancement   Field size and input type change Closed CAISIS COR-223
  Usability Enhancement   Changed help bubble content Closed CAISIS COR-225
  Usability Enhancement   HPI error catch prevent HPI from breaking Closed CAISIS COR-273
  Usability Enhancement   Datagrid gleason sums Closed CAISIS COR-274
  Usability Enhancement   Prostate volume calculated Closed CAISIS COR-275
  Usability Enhancement   Consent section added Closed CAISIS COR-282
  Usability Enhancement   Survery ID added to toxicit/ complications Closed CAISIS COR-283
  Usability Enhancement   Age now calculated on Patient Info screen Closed CAISIS COR-261
  Usability Enhancement   Physician entry screen added Closed CAISIS COR-262
  Usability Enhancement   Sub forms icons added Closed CAISIS COR-263
  Usability Enhancement   Summary link now displays most relevant DVV list Closed CAISIS COR-264
  Usability Enhancement   Protocol Status info added to DVV Closed CAISIS COR-255
  Usability Enhancement   Admin page improved Closed CAISIS COR-251
  Usability Enhancement   Lab Filter added Closed CAISIS COR-284
  Usability Enhancement   General Datagrid formating changes Closed CAISIS COR-285
  Usability Task   Made birth date and death date fields (not date text) readonly Closed CAISIS COR-246
  Vocabularies Enhancement   Change status and disease in Status table so they are disease dependent Closed CAISIS COR-104
  Vocabularies Enhancement   Change death status codes Closed CAISIS COR-105
  Vocabularies Task   TRUS added to Biopsy Closed CAISIS COR-257
  Vocabularies Task   GrossNodeFindings codes changed Closed CAISIS COR-269

Caisis 2.0 Scalability Enhancement   Valhalla Coldfusion Application moved to .Net / C# Closed CAISIS COR-290
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