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Fu Wei Xiao Mimi clean up after the departure of Yang Xiaoyang, the only boy in here she can enjoy easy and comfortable. Hong Wa Street out of the long, beautiful girl in the street corner Smiling, Naye and Ydofus kamasang Xiaoyang Lilizaimu hit the scene together, she read a lot of Yanqing Koudai Shu4love the beginning of this often. That is the most Jiaoxiu bow, boys likbuy dofus kamase this girl. Girls deserve the eyes of the exchanges should the boys How does » Such as the green light from the street corner Fuwei think he should look consicheap dofus kamasderably high, enthusiastic generous, he should also be a vibrant, lively and sunshine. The most that is not the lack of boys to calm, courageoDofus wikius, tenacious, have perseverance, a man full of Ganzuogandang quality.

    This is his them from time, Fu Wei Shua the face of the red, she did not pay attention to the bright green, from her side after the pedestrian surprised to watch the girls with a smile. 
    Shao Chuiguofuwei the wind has been Chuidao the HongDofus bots Wa Street on the 25th, underwear shop entrance Xiande Yang Xiaoyang absorption of the silly tone, but the nose is the smell of the banarena dofusana store next door decoration purpose of the water. He order to work out new telephone calls Liu Qian, the clear Tao Zhang. mabinogi gold  "He Liangshui Xiaoqi Gui." Rest are police booths Liu Qian Qihu Hu roar Road, linking the phone cards. 
    Yang Xiaoyang no alternative to the phone, he Aiyuan immense: Tomorrow is the birthday of Fuwei ah! 
    Yang Xiaoyang, as always, empty the pockets, 5,000 yuan was removed Lele bonus points go outside and the rest used in the underwear shop in the stock. Su also inverted shallow Sophie Xiangde Kai, the shop to his son after the critics say, not boys disruption. 
    "Auntie Rourou trust you!" Very touched by the Lele said, "My mother has never been so trust me, go home at night 10 minutes she can call the students one by one to me!" 
    That is lazy sister Sophie, Yang Xiaoyang, to mind. On the soft-regardless of his laissez-faire is not a happy, eggs mother died after a lack of guidance Yang Xiaoyang All of a sudden increase business no longer feel pressure to do well, for example, Si more than 1,000 voted into the prize money look down on any improvement . Yang Xiaoyang Look of the festive decoration of the next door, was the first visible threat and not about to, he suddenly less and Fuwei play out the feelings. But young people always Tanwan, he did not look at people to patronize the shops underwear heart Road will be closed, when the right to develmabinogi Power levelingop a good idea. 
    The next day, Yang Xiaoyang Dianmen shortly before the opening, a police uniforms Liu Qian Yingzisashuang, riding a motorcycle, "Tutu Tutu" into the entrance stopped off on ran into the store ncheap mabinogi goldot to a pile of money Renggei Yang Xiao-yang: "miser, to!" Yang Xiaoyang the eyes light up, shouting out "the sky falling a good sister," the compliment by starting with Liu Qian Yang Xiaoyang bought a bag of steamed stuffed buns whenbuy mabinogi gold the laughter as soon as possible A return to work, leaving behind a few notes Yang Xiaoyang Meifeisewu. 
    Approaching noon, Fu Wei wearing a white sweater and blue jeans Moshi, at the foot of a pair of shoes its debut EC Kogan, Yang Xiaoyang surprised: "You are sister Wei-Wei» " 
    Fuwei Zizi the sweet with a smile, the same words of praise and words of others speak out on the play as his touching. She laughs: "Yang boss to close one day a big loss, I really Guoyibuqu." 
    Yang Xiaoyang Tan Kouqi: "To the beautiful sister, Wei-wei, I had takes numerous. 
    Fu Wei Yang Xiaoyang clean up the shelves when watched to see when the income and expenditure accounts, the Guaiwanmojiao not worried about some of her said: "Yangyang, I think your business is not very good." 
    Yang Xiaoyang Huile Hui hand, like to drive away all the troubles: "I assure you there are ways, I will not fail." 
    Watching the boys self-confidenceface, Fuweirenzhu want to say to him a sum of money in the past. Yang Xiaoyang, as the stubborn Su Jin Er very shallow Sophie, Fulin Tao was informed that she was willing to help little to save time, but was flatly rejected Mrs Su shallow, presumably Yang Xiaoyang will not arbitrarily accept her assistance. "TU, I believe you must visit." Change the attention of the girls said. 
    Two people to play the Tan-Tan in the park, next to Temple, named Tan, from the "flash in the pan Guoyanyunyan means", but they apparently did not understand the Buddhist Dianhuasuren the intention, on the contrary playing
    Fu Wei Yang Xiaoyang first band to eat Zhaifan Tan Temple, the other does not, Yang Xiaoyang Suji think the flavor of a wand. 
    "Hey, it was not Rowena» " 
    Eat Da Jiao Yang Xiaoyang raised his head in the bustling crowd Dongzhangxiwang a long time before we see the Zhaitang corner golf consultant Miss Luo Yina and a young man Bianchi Bian Huan very little conversation. 
    Yang Xiaoyang deflated mouth: "Hao Duanduan people with a blue hair, a monk of the temple should he play out." 
    Fuwei look at the man with a bright-colored hair Minzui laugh: "You do not have next door neighbors with a hair» " 
    Yang Xiaoyang of the debate, however, lame argument: "That woman is Amy, a male operator what to do engage in the LvmaoLok Fu Wei, Yang Xiaoyang of the vicious criticism: "You do not have that the old ways, but I can not Sili to Kuang language!" 
    Late autumn early winter seasons, the highest Zongsui have far-reaching the sky, the bright, dry air. Zoned for an hour after the vessel, Fu Wei in the park, no one found a bench to rest a while, but lovers around the various forms greatly embarrassed her. Fortunately, Yang Xiaoyang Dataifangfang sit down, Fu Wei Niuniunienie half of the skin on cement Dengshang, a cautious Jiner have an audience with the emperor. 
    "Look!" Yang Xiaoyang pull her one said quietly. mabinogi Power levelingFuwei follow the direction he referred to the point, Yicu bushes outside the chair a pair of young men and women are Unilever, which were sitting on the Valentine's thigh girls Di Zhuotou invisible face, hands Shenjin men's clothes, Explore what. 
    "What ah." Fuwei pushed Digu Road that Yang Xiaoyang deliberately popular scenes to stimulate her. 
    "You see, ah." Yang Xiaoyang anxious said. To see what, Fu Wei Youxiu You, not that men opened girls pants zipper, and then to the right into the hands » You men are not good peoBuy Rohan Gold

ple! Yang Xiaoyang Fu Weiqia was the one, very anxious pulling her head: "Re to see the bush!"

    Fu Wei Xiu Dada of looking carefully and slowly to see the yellow-green leaves Wannian Qing extend a hand, Guiguisuisui feeling in the side for men and women, girls gradually shift to his waist in the semi-Kua Kunbao. "Small, thief!" Fu Wei Wu Zhuozui surprised not small. 
    Yang Xiaoyang praise: "classic ah." UnknoCheap Rohan Goldwn thief GAO Ren Yi is bold, even hiding in the bush Shouzhudaitu. Perfect camouflage, Yang Xiaoyang Dingjing to see that after the thieves, who heads Wannian Qing beam into several branches, the whole of a mobile air defense bases. Fuweimengtui him: "But you help Zhuaxiao Tou ah." Yang Xiaoyang Liezuishaxiao, the experience of many, he is not surprised things such as this, some feel that rather minor point. 
    Yang Xiaoyang not stand up and yelling out "when the shots I shots wow," he Fuwei in the hands of a plastic bag, carrying a bag of salt were turned dry peanuts, peanut start with two Mi in all Rohan Gold

seriousness to the eye The aim is also affectionate couple Zale past. Fuwei dumbfounding, she saw the shot in the head as Dongzhangxiwang frightened girls, and then saw a dirty Xixi in their own hands to touch his waist to touch parts, the woman screamed out, like the tail was stamping on the home

    Selfless work of many unhappy couples, 10 to place in the female animal eager to demonstrate in front of male masculinity gas Biancha men on the protection of colored thieves before recovering after blocking, seizing a burst of good play. Close proximity of the Fuwei thieves have witnessed the Canzhuang rolling on the ground, eyesRohan Power leveling closed Nannanniantao: South South Amitabha no no Amitabha. 
    "Amitabha is not the insurance companmabinogi Power leveling

y." Yang Xiaoyang for laughs, "If the Arab countrieswith the best, which only cuthand in hand for stealing, Shoujiaobingyong capable of grasping the cut after four small Jiji!"

    Fuwei funny feeling, Yang Xiaoyang Althbuy mabinogi goldough youBuy Rohan Croneng but a very fiery heart But, I do not know whether it will lead a few years Laochengchizhong point. Fuwei thought was lightly here, "Pei" the one, she not only boys and other men's general indifference Guao, in particular do not like my father. 
    Park came hastily taken away the security of the face-stained thieves, Fu Wei Yang Xiaoyang, and after a small storm in the past a lot of sitting. Fuwei secretly interesting to see the interest Dongzhangxiwang Yang Xiaoyang, slightly side of the body and his clothing dependencies. 
    Hanging in the corridors Hongzhulvwa 18 Lancao Rohan Crone

defying Several of the coming winter, out of a core of yellow-green flowers, the flowers along the thunder-Piaolai, Fu Wei eyes closed Shenxi the one.

    "Good-ah." Yang Xiaoyang the Lehe He said. 
    Fuwei casually nodded, she suddenly wanted to Yiwei into the boy's mind, his arm in the care of the Lan-looking lake, listen to the group Yuanyang bird sounds, it is the fragrant orchids heard. Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic after all the ideas, Fu Wei Ziyuanziyi in their own age, even if Jie Dilian debate is no longer the Dani people of the Road, but Yang Xiaoyang like her you love her » She can ride a reduction in his arms? Sajiao » 
    Yang Xiaoyang suddenly said: "the day after tomorrow is the weekend." 
    His voice, drove them off the minds of themabinogi gold Fu Wei Ni-nan, she surprised and asked: "Do you have a weekend» " 
    Yang Xiaoyang, he Paozhao in small plastic bags of food Dudunangnang complained: "The working people have the right to rest!" 
    Fuweitaishou Lile Li was the wind moving the long hair and a smile: "with less pathetic kind, honest account of what are your illegal activities." 
    Yang Xiaoyang Couqu: "Adults Mingjian, a small but only to be met little bit." 
    Fu Wei said more than once heard him little orphan girls, she happily appointment the day after the trip: "We have to amusement parks Haobu» " 
    Yang Xiaoyang dropped the hands of Yangmei, with Buy Rohan Cronehis hands held high Jianxiao: "The success sent a sponsor, oh ye ~ ~ ~"   Fuwei not words with a smile, she is like so Xi Xiao Rohan GoldYang Xiaoyang move freely, as long as he saw on that mood Qinglang.  ". He, I saw the Who» " 
    A girl's voice after Rowena clear from the corridor ran overBuy Rohan Gold her little finger from the two smiled: "I do not know really want to unless you do not."    Yang Xiaoyang not the thread of her conversation to her, iCheap Rohan Gold her front-Looking at him, said: "Blue Paper strange?« How Meixian »"   Warm and Fuwei handle Wan arm of Rowena immediateRohan Power levelingly Bianle Lian-color: "What strange blue skin, you see, I do not notice, not too mean."      Yang Xiaoyang tit-for-tat ridicule: "I fear his hair dye decolorization, dyed blue skin strange."   "Xiao-yang," Introduction to prevent Fuwei Road. Rohan Crone   Qihu Hu Yang Xiaoyang read the Rowena focused on the half-day, Fapi Qi not unexpected, but Jiaoxia a smile: "Do you proudly it proudly it, I know you feel bad." 
    "You get sick." Yang Xiaoyang orthophotomaps said. 
    Rowena ignore Yang Xiaoyang, but affectionate told Fu Wei: "You do not know, you had the Jiumingenren" 
    Heard "Jiumingenren" words of Fuwei first reaction was Yang Xiaoyang, but Yang Xiaoyang was called up: "What»sister Sophie, it is impossible. " 
    Rowena laughs: "Xiaopi Hai, Zhang Weihan Songhua every day to the golf course, they line up the heat, waiting for your brother-in-law called it." Yang Xiaoyang see her more anxious complacent, "Mr Cheung people People-Liang Wang, Xiaorou asked him pretty good. " 
    "People-Liang Wang« I see is only 4.5 Goujiao. "Yang Xiaoyang uncomfortable roar Road," he dwarf and fat, the human form of a monster. " 
    Rowena got the upper hand in one stroke the Diejiao smile: "He has nothing to do what shape and I, as long as I would like to see a guy stepped on the two boats on eating Bie happy." 
    "Stepping on the two boats» "Yang Xiaoyang wonder the question:" Who »Xingzhang with his wife» " 
    Fuwei listen to the words intended to Rowena, she Chenguai: "What nonsense ah." Rowena This is not Zuonong Yang Xiaoyang, but life and death and they have to play one. Fuwei who asked her strange blue skin, the girls casually said: "He is the Gongzaigeer Goupi, I play golf with his development. I think of the cheap, hee hee, he Chi Bule bear walk." 
    "Kay is not your son ah." Yang Xiaoyang cried, "for doing what he» " 
    Rowena small nose issued Hengheng voice: "Xiaomao children do not know understand what is the professional spirit« safeguard customers is a high-quality professional ethics of my innate talent. " 
    "Cut." Shallow-thinking mind of Mrs Yang Xiaoyang despise him, "Liu Wu Dalang only crows, he iscrows, blue skin crows." 
    Yang Xiaoyang and Rowena breaking up the trio after the tit-for-tat until the end of the wrist with a new purple crystal bracelet a string of Fuwei the garb of the luster to the evening back home, the bracelet is Yang Xiaoyang send a birthday gift, she likes . 
    Fu Wei entered the home to see his father Fulin Tao sitting in a living room sofa speaking newspapers, too good a mood of the birthday girl rushed convergence of the faces of the smile, Qiesheng Sheng called the "father." 
    "Eat the right» "Touyebutai the Fulin Tao asked. 
    Fuwei "ah" out, people do not understand in the end up eating or Mochi. Meitouweizhou Fulin Tao of the question to blame the daughter a few words, remember that today is her birthday gauzy said: "Your birthday gift on your doorstep, I had. Happy Birthday, Wei-wei." 
    Fuwei grateful to the check out, the father quietly grateful quickly allocation, Fanmen Fulin Tao is a while, he can not envisage a hundred years after his Connaught Dara Weiweinuonuo daughter to this end, the more firmly the idea of her training. Chen Sheng He said: "Tomorrow morning Xuhong Min Dai Niqu companies, closed it as soon as possible." 
    Standing on the stairs of the Fuwei pink face suddenly enveloped by a layer of bitter gourd color, and do not want to say she did not dare contradict face to face, she was Funv Liang Yue Hao two Runescape Powerlevelingyears to the easy life of the care of the family business after school Now the period is up, she is no longer shoulder the heavy task of Runescape Moneyaccompanying a group of children Xixihaha.
    Happy to lose the momentum Fu Wei Lan Yangyang return to the room, opening a birthday gift sent to her father and throwing in one hand, the value of a million of diamonds did not see hoRunescape Goldw Erzhui 100 crystal bracelet close.   "Now I only want to live it." Fuweinannan the said.
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