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The Follow Up Module currently supports two Prostate Quality of Life Surveys: EPIC-26 Short Form and three versions of the RAND: Pre-Treatment, Early Post Treatment and Late Post Treatment.

Patients are followed 15 days prior to scheduled surgery, then 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 months after surgery.

Other Requirements:

1. Patients are designated for Follow Up in the demographics form using the Patient Contact Status field. Drop downs in that field use the PtContactStatus lookup code.

2. Two new PtContactStatus lookup codes are needed: "EPIC-26 Survey" and "RAND Survey"

3. On the Batch Print Interface, "Patient" Drop down options are PtContactStatus lookup codes tagged with a "FollowUp" type equal to "Survey"

4. To filter the Procedures that show up in the drop downs and ensure that only relevant procedures are queried for follow up, tag the ProcName lookup codes with the "DefaultModule" attribute equal to "FollowUp". For instance assign the attribute to "RP" if tracking Prostatectomy patients.

5. "Treating Physician" field is the most recently added physician for the patient with a Role of "Treating"

6. Survey Electronic data capture forms are driven from Survey Meta data. Survey Names MUST not be changed.

System Logic for Sending Surveys

A. Batch Print Surveys / Letters

1. Do not show deceased patients (have DeathType or DeathDate in the Patient table)

2. Only show patients if their "Contact Status" on the Demographics form is set to "Rand Survey" or "EPIC-26 Survey" (Patients.PtContactStatus field)

B. Batch Print Letters

1. doctor name at bottom of letter comes from most recent "Treating" physician (data comes from PatientPhysicians table, role of "Treating"). The Patient's title comes from first the patient "Title" field, but if blank, then "Ms." is Gender field equal to female or "Mr." if equal to male. Else blank.

C. Batch Print Surveys

Sending PRE-OP Survey Rules

-- DUE DATE is 14 days prior to scheduled surgery -- Processing Date < Scheduled Surgery Date -- AND Pre Op Survey has not been sent before -- AND Process Date is no earlier than 30 days before due date -- AND IF it was sent before, make sure it was not 14 days or less ago -- THEN Send PreOp -- For "scheduledSurgeryDate" we are only checking the Procedure table for a ProcDate in the future (ProcDate > processDate) -- For "scheduledSurgeryDate" we are NOT checking that Pending is true

Post-Op Survey Rules { 1, 21 } { 3, 30 } { 6, 45 } { 12, 60 } { 18, 75 } { 24, 75 } { 30, 75 } { 36, 75 } { 48, 75 } { 60, 75 }


-- You expect to receive a survey response within 20 days of having sent it -- send a follow up letter if our processDate is > than this expected date -- AND a FU letter has not been sent before

Known Issues:

- Formatting may be off when printing Forms in FireFox - If Survey Record deleted, then currently the relationship to the action item is in the related records table is left behind. - Follow Up Letters do not expire. For instance, if survey is never received, then Follow up letter will continue to appear in list until it is sent

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