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The Follow Up Module currently supports two Prostate Quality of Life Surveys:

    •  The EPIC-26 Short Form
    •  Three versions of the RAND:   
       1.  Pre-Treatment
       2.  Early Post Treatment 
       3.  Late Post Treatment

Patients are followed 30 days prior to scheduled surgery, then 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 months after surgery.


Patient Status

Patients are designated for Follow Up on the Demographics form of the Patient Data Section using the Patient Contact Status field. Drop downs in that field use the PtContactStatus lookup code. Two new PtContactStatus lookup code values are needed:

    •  "EPIC-26 Survey"
    •  "RAND Survey"

On the Batch Print Surveys Interface, the "Patient Contact Type" drop down options are PtContactStatus lookup codes tagged with:

    •  Attribute =  "FollowUpType", Value =  "Survey"

(On the Batch Print Letters interface, the corresponding drop down is “Survey Type”, which is also driven by the PtContactStatus lookup code)

Patient Data

Both the Batch Print Surveys and Batch Print Letters interfaces have “Procedure” dorp downs. To filter the Procedures that show up in the drop downs and ensure that only relevant procedures are queried for follow up, tag the ProcName lookup code with:

    •	Attribute = "DefaultModule", Value = "FollowUp"

(i.e., assign the attribute to "RP" if tracking Prostatectomy patients)

Many queries in the Follow Up return a "Treating Physician" field. This is the most recently added physician for the patient with a Role of "Treating", specified on the Patient Physician form in the Patient Data Section.

In addition, the Doctor name at bottom of a Follow Up Letter also comes from most recent "Treating" physician . The Patient's title comes from first the patient "Title" field. However, if blank, then based on “Gender” field (Ms./Mr.). If also blank, then the patient’s “First Name” is used with no title. All else, left blank.

Survey Data

Survey Electronic data capture forms are driven from Survey Meta data. Survey Names must NOT be changed.



Surveys can be either Pre-Op (before scheduled surgery) or Post-Op (after scheduled surgery) surveys. Some sending rules apply to both Pre- and Post-Op surveys, while others are specific to the type of survey.

Rules for Sending All Surveys:

    •	Do not show deceased patients (have DeathType or DeathDate in the Patient table)
    •	Only show patients if their "Contact Status" on the Demographics form is set to "RAND Survey" or "EPIC-26 Survey" (Patients.PtContactStatus field)
    •   For " SCHEDULED_SURGERY_DATE " we are only checking the Procedure table for a ProcDate in the future (ProcDate > processDate)
    •	For " SCHEDULED_SURGERY_DATE " we are NOT checking that Pending is true

Rules for Sending PRE-OP Surveys:

    •	DUE_DATE is 14 days prior to scheduled surgery
    •	Patient should be sent survey if all the following are true:
         o	Processing Date  >  (DUE_DATE  -   30 days)
         o	Processing Date  <   SCHEDULED_SURGERY_DATE
         o	Pre Op Survey has not been sent before 
         o	If Pre-Op Survey was sent before, make sure it was not 14 days or less ago

Rules for Sending POST -OP Surveys:

    •	The Post-Op Survey send timeframes can be seen below, where 
         o  column 1 (MONTH_VALUE)is the number of months after surgery the survey is for (i.e., 1-month survey, 3-month survey, 6-month survey, etc.) 
         o  column 2 (DAYS_PRIOR) is the number of days prior to the due date the survey is available to be sent (i.e., 21 days before due date, 30 days before due date, etc.) :
                                       { 1, 21 }
                                       { 3, 30 }
                                       { 6, 45 }
                                       { 12, 60 }
                                       { 18, 75 }
                                       { 24, 75 }
                                       { 30, 75 }
                                       { 36, 75 }
                                       { 48, 75 }
                                       { 60, 75 }
    •	Patient should be sent survey if all the following are true:
         o  Processing Date  >=  (DUE_DATE  -  DAYS_PRIOR ) 
         o  Processing Date <=  (DUE_DATE  +  15 days)
         o  Post-Op Survey has not been sent before
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