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The Forms tab The Forms tab is where all paper and electronic forms are printed. Paper forms can be blank or populated. Populated and blank forms can be printed for a list of patients or the current patient. Blank and populated forms have the same layout and design, but populated forms contain data extracted from the database and printed on the appropriate section of the forms. The most notable summary of information can be seen in the History of Present Illness (HPI) section of the form. An algorithm in the application extracts important milestones in the patient’s history and prints the information in a small chronological summary. Other sections of the forms are pre-populated with data as well, including medications, allergies, comorbidities, labs, biopsies, and others depending on the type of form.

Forms: Choose an action

Forms: Batch Printing forms

Select a List of Patients

When printing forms for a long list of patients or a clinic list, batch printing is the most efficient method. Printing for a list of patients starts in the Patient List section of Caisis. After a list is selected, generally a clinic list, click the button in the upper right hand corner of the list labeled Print Forms for This List. This button will take you directly to the batch printing screen where forms can be selected for each patient.

Batch Printing – Print Forms for This List

Select the Forms to Print

The image below shows the Batch Printing screen. The patients listed are from the clinic list selected in the previous step. From this screen, there are two options for selecting forms; the first is a select box next to each patient row with a list of all of the available forms. This first option allows you to select a different form for each patient. The second option is to use the select box labeled All Patients. This field has the same list of forms as the other select boxes, but selecting a form here will assign that form to every patient on the list. Once all of the patients have a form selected, you need to click the large red button in the lower right hand corner labeled: create populated forms for the selected patients on this list.

Batch Printing – Select Forms to Print

Print the Loaded Forms

The screen below shows all of the forms after they have been loaded with the data from the database. The forms load in packets of ten and need to be printed ten at a time. The first ten forms load automatically and can be printed by clicking the Print These Forms icon ( )in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It is important that the print icon is used and not the browser print button because the browser print button prints the whole screen and not just the forms. Once the first ten forms are finished printing, you have to click on the 11-15 link to print the next set of forms. Once the link is clicked, the next batch of forms will load and printing can proceed as above.

Batch Printing – Loaded Forms Ready to Print

Page Setup

Note: Remember to remove the Header and Footer in the page set up and change all margins to 0.25. When you are finished making changes, the Page Setup should look like the image below.

The Page Setup Screen

Printing Individual Forms

When printing individual forms, you have the option of printing a populated form or printing a blank form. The image below marks the links to printing a single populated form or a single blank form. The image below displays the links to print populated or blank forms.

Printing Individual Forms

Printing Populated Forms – Select a Patient

The first step in printing a populated form is to select a patient. When printing clinic forms, the date on the forms and the physician’s name are printed from the appointments table. Therefore it is best to select a patient from the appropriate clinic list. Caisis allows you to print any patient in the database, but selecting a patient from a clinic list will add additional information to the clinic form. Once you have selected a patient, you must click on the Forms tab to load the menu above. Printing a populated form requires you to click the Print Populated Forms for the Current Patient link on the forms splash screen, see above. The image below shows the screen that loads with some brief instructions on how to proceed.

Printing Individual Forms – Patient Selected, Now Select Form

Printing Populated Forms – Select a Form

The image below displays the menu for selecting forms. The forms are sorted in menus by disease with another menu for items that are not disease specific. To continue, you must select the form you want to populate with data. Once clicked, the selected form will be loaded.

Printing Individual Forms – Selecting Forms

After the form is loaded, it can be printed. The image below demonstrates how similar this screen looks to the Batch Printing screen. To print the form, you must click on the Print This Form icon image:CaisisManual_Image185.pngin the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Printing Individual Forms – Loaded From Ready to Print

Page Setup

Note: Remember to remove the Header and Footer in the page set up and change all margins to 0.25. When you are finished making changes, the Page Setup should look like the image below.

The Page Setup Screen

Printing Blank Paper Forms

The procedure for printing blank forms is similar to the steps above. Since the form is not populated with patient or appointment data, there is no need to select a patient. Therefore, you can log into Caisis and proceed directly to the Forms tab. On the splash screen, select Print Blank Forms (on the right side of the image below).

Print Blank Forms

Select the Form to Print

The menus and the navigation for populated and blank forms are the same. The form printing process from this point forward follows the same process described above: select the form, allow the form to load, and then click the print icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The only difference with printing blank forms is that you can print multiple copies of blank forms. This means that you need to be aware of the printer settings on your machine. The two main items to keep in mind when printing multiple pages are first, to enter the number of copies needed and second, to check the Collate box so the forms are printed properly (as shown on the following image).

Print Forms – Remember to Collate
NOTE: The Forms screens have an icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen that will return you to the Forms splash screen.
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