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View Patient Identifiers

The "ViewPatientIdentifiers" permission is required in the UserPermissions table of Caisis for viewing Patient Identifiers such as First Name, Last Name, MRN, etc...

It is also needed for searching by these Identifiers. If User does not have this permission, they will be restricted by LookupCode "IdType".

PHI Identifiers

Lookup codes of type "IdType" which are tagged with LookupAttribute "PHI" are marked as PHI, used for restricting Patient sensitive Identifiers to Users.

User Search

Users are able to search for Patients by identifiers based on their permission level. If User has Permission "ViewPatientIdentifiers", they will be able to search by Last Name & MRN, in addition to all "IdType" Lookup codes.

If User does not have Permission "ViewPatientIdentifiers", they will not be able to search by Last Name or MRN, and will be restricted to searching by identifiers of LookupCodes "IdType" which do not have LookupAttribute "PHI".

Search Results will display with blinded patient Name and DOB, but will display actual search Identifier.

LookupCode = "IdType" WITHOUT LookupAttribute = "PHI"


Users who do not have Permission "ViewPatientIdentifiers" will see a blinded representation of the Patient Last Name, First Name, MRN and Date of Birth. But the user will see the Identifier on which they search.

Ex: User searches by Path Accession Number, header will display Path Accession Number, but not Patient Name, MRN or Date of Birth.

Show Default Identifiers On Login

To control if Users are able to set their default search type on the Login page, the following web config key is required.

<add key="ShowIdentifiersOnLogin" value="true" />

To control the list of Identifiers which can be set are controlled by LookupCodes of "IdType" which have LookupAttribute "UseAsDefault".

LookupCode = "IdType" WITH LookupAttribute = "UseAsDefault"

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