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I am wearing a windbreaker, wearing sunglasses, follow Silver Star Suibu walk in the central area of Haeju. If you think I was in this film Matrix, which is totally wrong, and I went to the negotiations. You asked me to talk about » Now that I am responsible to tell you, my Xiaodi and 'Hei Bao Tong', when the fighting, was captured. I get the message when Hei Bao Tong is the mess dofus kamasage sent by Xiaodi, the outer two finger. Of course, I did not let HaoshouXiaobao Zi, he cut a direct hands casually from the ground from a cloth wrap, gave the release, but I have a professional ethics of the triads. The mother, bullying to my head, not to the point you look at the color, not really when I was small Hunhun » Who am I » Haeju Speaking of 9 meters, Jiu Ge, who did not know » Quickly came to the KING ONE, the outside edge of the counter welcome Miss already laid no feelings, greeted the smiling faces to ask: "Sir, may I ask the booking of the Mody» " I walk, said: "set, in which Simon Panthers» "Miss Panthers heard the word, obviously a green face, then resumed regular color said with a smile: "Tu, good, with me, leopard Columbia on the third floor of the Lotus." I had a Pei, scolded: "What Panther Colombia» in my eyes, he is a dead leopards, Ma! " Miss does not care about the green face to what extent, it is so direct embarked on the third floor. Hibiscus room, sitting four or five portly the Tahan, the middle, his facDofus botse is a terrifying long scar is the Panthers. I came to see one, the Panthers laugh: "Jiuge ah, you Laila. Quick ride fast ride, Hey, you doing« not so fast on a child to Jiuge »" One of the Tahan Weiweinuonuo nodded, opened. I Xiaoxi Xi's sit down, look around the click, in this more than 40 square meters between the packet, I found the Xiaodi Leng Shimo. I asked: "I do Xiaodi» " Panthers Chouzhuo cigarettes, laughing: "Jiuge ah,arena dofus you really bolder, dare one person came to me dignitaries." I laughed out of a strange pumped up cigarettes, said: "Chu Laihun, if not bolder, long linked to the. Now the whole state know that I come to you on 9 Leopard Columbia, I said that the eldest child, if you dare Letting go, today, 0:00 burn your whole family. " Heard this saying, Panthers face the Green Shua, jump to criticize: "I am speaking! He dare!" I can read posturing of the table, Niantao: "almost Lou, 10 minutes, leopards, that this matter how you do it» but is fighting several Xiaodi, you used to cut his finger two Mody »" Panthers sit down slowly, Meitoujinzhou, said: "Lao Lang is not morDofus wikial, we Chulai Hun, along with the rules, quack quack thing, not linked to the family, so you……" I interrupted him, Ningxiao to: "leopards, you should not have told me that Pihua, so you can mix, although not over the Chuan, but also unclear Langge Mody» you either kill the whole family Hung God, their family Feed the fish thrown into the sea, the Panthers also help his mother Lun Budao your masters! " Heard this saying, Panthers some Zuobu Zhu, mobile phones pushed out of the Digu a few, then closed the phone. Said: "how can you say« on such a «I Xiaodi how to do a hands» " I sneer: "how do» Liangban! Laikan you have skill on my hands. "Finish, I remove the sunglasses. Mainly because of too black sunglasses, unclear on TV wearing that bikini sister. Finally, the Panthers will be my Bansibuhuo the Xiaodi thrown next to me said: "Jiu Ge, it just so on it, I hope you south gate of the people, not to Simon, Otherwise, the next to see direct hacked to death " "Hei hei, Xiela, I know Haodai, leopards, you have to be careful, do you sell in my PUB, ecstasy, not his mother thought that I do not know." Finished, I pulled the blood-stained hands Xiaodi out of the room Furong . Just pushed out the door, they heard inside 'Pilipala' Zadong Xi's voice. I laughed: "Mother, vent it, but you also live a few days." Xiao-di-ho's name is the South, estimated that he is to see Guhuo Zi see more, this has to change its name. Chen Haonan people blend the eldest child, this kid can be a day or a karaoke OK to see the market head. "How kind, Sibu Le Bar» "I Tuile Tui him, see he did, I really afraid of what he points out, when the time comes I can not afford to play, not afraid of the police, the police what toy» A genuine banditry linked to it, I blame the boss is afraid of the Xiaodi lost days will face the door. - Ho, South Kuxiao to: "Jiu Ge.. And trouble you 。。。。" I shook his head, called a taxi, in the car I said: "Kid, you better fate, I met such a boss, if exchanged for others, who would dare go on the site of the Panthers VIP» mother, I Now a cold sweat! " - Ho, South limp in the seat, said: "Jiuge, you afraid of what« a boss backing it to you, eat your Huanpa Panthers fragmentation »" I will then wrapped in two fingers of the handkerchief Rengji-ho, South, said: "to go to the hospital can not look at the joints, it is necessary to impossible, it inserts two iron bar. But after the fighting has no power." - Ho, South nodded, Buyikuaier, fell asleep. This boy was injured at least 50, no excessive bleeding to death on the good. I Manhuaixinshi to return to their own sites - in the South. South-ho will be thrown into the hospital, went to the company. We both companies are open 24 hours, the operation of projects that can be more, what fitness centre, what Internet cafes, bars any more outrageous is that also engage in what the auto parts project. I ask the boss, I said: "The boss, ah, Let's engage in mixed triad of vehicle accessories doing» " Direct boss said: "Mother, you often these Xiao Zaizai out fighting, after fighting with the steering wheel to a direct hit like." Ma, I thoroughly Wu Yu! Came to the company, the number of university graduates outside the girl Bigongbijing the bow to: "Jiuge morning!" "Earlier this» are 1:30! "I Xiexiao Zhao catch a lift. This girl also have a few good, long before there after a butt of a chest, is a decent see other people's children, I do not know how, when the company went to the Let's etiquette on the Miss. More shameful is that the direct boss of the speaker: "whoever Gandong them, and this is against the company, I spent his spot!……" I pushed the door, the boss is sitting in a chair, watching the Japanese Actress performancesalso sitting around, is an adviser - poisonous snakes, is a second - jungle tiger. But thisShui Juhua, the entire state buffeting the buffeting of the three figures. I Xixihaha to: "boss, I come back! Hey, the snake God, Huge! So late, and how this can also be« not afraid Shenkui ah »" Eldest child of a chair in turn, phbbbbt to: "ah, small 9, ah, come back, you all right that it Xiaodi» " I shook his head, the Zi Guzi sitting on a sofa, sent three cigarettes to them, smiled and said: "OK, not less two finger Mody, and then a good or a hero." Snakes Bajibaji mouth, said: "Small 9, will be out with me, I have it with you!" Oh, I had out, to lead the previous Pai Mapi to: "boss, you really Baodaoweilao, you see, a column of the Qing days, Lead by the hands of a remote control shoot out of my head Xiaoma to: "dead boy, 20-year-old can not speak on such a dubious, and the mother." "Hei hei, not by the boss of your pre-school education Mody.... He.." I Zhuantou to the jungle to see the tiger, saying it has opened three 40-year-old tiger, the tiger as apeople, especially the faces of the Luosai Hu, met with the guarantee that children Zoubu Dong Road. (Threatened) "Huge, the last business how-yard field» "I asked the cheap dofus kamasprevious Coudao him. Huge watched to see me, Yin Xiao: "how« small 9, would like to open a Changzi earn quick money »" I quickly Baishou, said: "Huge other jokes, and I do business which is expected« it is fighting strengths, Oh.. Not not... " Huge slight smile, gold up in a flash, really shocked me. "Chou Xiaozi and less to his mother this, the tiger a few days to go to do business, the South to the four bars you care." Hear the boss said this, I was Lengzhu, South However, gold, and I Huge said many times, and he do not let this how » And so I did not speak Huge first said: "The boss has entrusted to you, then four bars on when the advance is paid to you!" "Wakao, what such a handsome reward ah» "I am a bit scared of the way over, the aim of a poisonous snake. His gold wire glasses by the fluorescent irradiation 'Shua' Shanchu a light…… I Xilihutu snakes were pulled out of the room, he Xixi the thieves out of pocket, a red Zhezi small, and a White. The small red Zhezai I read, is a passbook, or call, tbuy dofus kamashere was a 2 million! I Duosuo one hand, the book will almost threw to the ground. Erhuabuyue, I pushed the door directly into the roar: "Ma, boss, what does this mean you« I tell you how to say five years, you now give me 2 million, are suspected of, I do not Mody » You said that in order to cut anybody, I immediately went to cut him! Can, you can not kick me out ah! " Snakes at this time also gone in, calling: "Ma, Xiao Pihai children, how your blood boil so much« going to see you in the paper. " Boss jungle and the tiger also Hei hei at me, I read a while guilty conscience. The mother, to see, Shuipa Shui » I am going to open a White, looms above reads: "City Southern Miss 16, the admission notice……"

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