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Caisis Version 4.1 Known Issues

1. There are no look up codes for Pathology Stage N & M fields. You can either add lookup codes or using the meta data interface in the administrative utility, update the N & M fields types from "CaisisSelect" to "CaisisTextBox"

2. On data entry forms with datagrids, if you reach the limit of available grid rows you will be prompted to save the record to make more rows available. You must still use the "SAVE" button at the button to confirm your updates have been saved properly.

Problem: The link to "Create New Roles" in the Groups & Roles section of the Admin is missing.
Fix: Add the node below in bold to your App_Config/AdminConfig.xml file:

   <item pageTitle="Notes & Definitions" href="AdminRoleSectionIntro.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Create New Roles" href="AdminRoles.aspx?addNew=yes"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Update Roles" href="AdminRoles.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Create New User Groups" href="AdminGroups.aspx?addNew=yes"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Update User Groups" href="AdminGroups.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Associate Groups with Roles" href="AdminGroups.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Associate Groups with DataSets" href="AdminGroupsToDatasets.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Give Groups Access to Tabs" href="AdminGroupTabAccess.aspx"></item>

Caisis Version 4.0 know issues

1. The version for release posted to prior to November 7th contained a serious bug related to date values. If you are using this version, please reinstall just the web application using the current download. The database was not effected by this problem and does not need to be reinstalled.

2. The Patient Summary report in under the Data Analysis Tab does not return the patients Allergies, Medications, and Comorbidities properly (contact if immediate fix needed).

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