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One of the most powerful feature in Caisis 4.0 is the addition of Dynamic Forms and Meta Data. With the addition of these features, the admin has complete control over the look and feel of their data entry forms, as well as focus on their disease specific areas.

Meta Data

Meta Data is information about database fields which describe the type of data these fields can hold, as well as the way the user sees these fields (HTML controls). Each table in the database has an associated Meta Data table. With this powerful feature, you can easily change a field to be displayed as an html textbox, textarea, select, etc..., without modifying any .NET code or HTML.

Meta Table

FieldName DataType IsVirtual Suppress Order Edit Delete
Name of the database field. Data Type of the field in the database. Testing Supress Fields from being displayed in the data entry form. The display order of the control in the data entry form. Edit this field. Delete this Meta Table Field

Meta Table Fields

Each Meta Table has

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