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One of the most powerful feature in Caisis 4.0 is the addition of Dynamic Forms and Meta Data. With the addition of these features, the admin has complete control over the look and feel of their data entry forms dynamically, but retains complete controls with Static Forms.


Meta Data Background

By default, all Data Entry Forms are created dynamically from Meta Data. Meta Data is information about database fields which describe the type of data these fields can hold, as well as the way the user sees these fields (HTML controls). Each table in the database has an associated Meta Table. With this powerful feature, you can easily change a field to be displayed as an html textbox, textarea, select, etc..., without modifying any .NET code or HTML. In addition to setting control types, you can easily suppress fields from the interface, or add special features, such as a number pad or calendar date picker. Though forms are created dynamically, you will be able to override this feature for a table by creating a Static Form.

Meta Data Configuration

To configure Meta Data for your Caisis installation, there are three levels of configuration detailed in the tables below.

The user interface to update this information can be found within your Caisis Administration Tool. From the icons on the left select "System Config" and then "Manage Meta Data". Please note, currently this interface is only compatible with Internet Explorer.

Table Level Configuration

The first is Table Level Configuration, where you are able to specify friendly table descriptions.

Table Name Table Label Table Description
The name of the Table (as defined in database). Friendly label for database table. A description of the table.

Field Level Configuration

The second level of configuration is where you specify which fields are displayed on the interfaces. If fields are not specified, a default CaisiTextBox will be used to represent a field. You will also be able to configure what order controls are rendered on Data Entry Forms.

FieldName DataType IsVirtual Suppress Order Edit Delete
Name of the database field. Data Type of the field in the database. Testing Supress Fields from the interface. The display order of the control in the data entry form. Edit this field. Delete this Meta Table Field

Individual Field Level Configuration

The third level of configuration is Field Level Configuration. This allows you to much more granular configuration of your application. At the Field Level, you can control what Caisis Input Controls represent your table fields on Data Entry Forms. In addition to specifying control types, you can set properties such as ShowCalendar,ShowNumberPad,etc... as well as setting field widths to control how wide your fields will be rendered.

Attribute Name Description Examples Notes
ControlType One of the various Caisis Input Controls. EncName shows as CaisisTextBox, which shows field as a text box.
FieldLabel A friendly name for a field to display on various Data Entry interfaces. EncExams could have the display name "Physical Exams".
FieldDescription A helpful description of the field. Shown as a help bubble. EncNotes, "Notes for describing the examination."
FieldWidth Controls how wide a control is displayed on the Data Entry interfaces. A Value "200" will render the control 200 pixels wide. Needs to be a number.
ShowCalendar Shows a calendar control next to a control. Shows a calendar to choose date to place into a textbox. True or False value.
ShowNumberPad Shows a number pad picker next to a control. Set to true will show a number pad. True or False value.
Required Controls if a field needs to have a value before saving a form. EncDate set to Required="true" will trigger validation and forms can't be saved without a value. True or False value.
LookupCodvaluee Renders a control with possible values described by a Lookup Code. EncDataQuality will have a LookupCode value of "DataQuality". Has to be a CaisisSelect or CaisisComboBox.
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