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Metadata is a general term used to describe application specific information, which are related to tables, fields and interface, but do not disrupt the integrity of the database structure.

Table Metadata

Table level metadata is information related to database tables which represents application specific attributes describing the table. These mappings are superficial and do not modify the database structure, keys, relationships, etc... Such examples include Table Label, Table Description, Relevant Diseases, etc... which are used to describe a table's role in the application.

Field Metadata

Similar to table metadata, field level metadata is information related to database fields, not the database structure or integrity. These mappings allow the application to have specific attributes related to a field, such as Field Label, Lookup Code, Control Type, etc...

Lookup Codes

Lookup Codes are vocabulary items which are used through the system to provide reuse and uniformity across the application. They are used for restricting data entry values for a consistent range of values. These are often there to aid in data entry, but often do not restrict values outside the range.

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