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What’s New in Version 5.0?

New Module: Protocol Management. Includes:

• Study Calendar

• Tracking of Patient status from screening to off study

• Blinded views of patients

• Timeline based recording of clinical trial data

• Anticipated, Scheduled, and Actual patient visits

• Adverse Event reporting

• Base line data entry form

• Integrated Eligibility Questionnaires

• Integrated Outcome Reporting and Lesion Tracking

• Full Administration of new protocols, calendars, and questionnaires

New Module: Patient Longitudinal Follow Up (Beta). Includes

• Generation of lists of patients due for Follow Up based on time before and after surgery

• Generation of Follow Up letters for patients who did not respond to survey

• Automated batch printing of individualized EPIC and RAND surveys

• Automated batch printing of envelope labels

• Batch printing of follow up letters to patient who did not respond to sent surveys

• Electronic forms to capture data from returned surveys

• Integrated scoring of RAND and EPIC surveys

• Reporting on delivery and receipt of surveys per patient

• Reports on Follow Up History and Aggregate views of scored surveys

• Complete logging of actions such as QOL 1 Month Survey Sent, QOL 1 Month Survey Received, 1 Month Follow Up Letter Sent, etc.

New eForms

• Neurology Details

• Oropharynx

• Thyroid Details

• Thyroid Surgery

• Liver Surgery

• Pancreas Surgery

• Breast Surgery

• Osteoporosis

• Enhancements to Prostate and Colorectal eForms

• Vast amount of components to the eForm library including Social and Family History

eForm Architecture

• Addition of new database schema to support generation of admin created dynamic eforms

• Major refactoring of middle tier to handle entity relationships needed to generate dynamic eform interfaces

• eForm Builder interface for administrator creation of eforms (alpha)

• Support for vocabulary filtered by disease view

• Support for overriding titles of eform sections

• Enhanced Caisis eForm Input Controls to facilitate creation of static eForms

• Filtered lists of eForms based on active Disease View

Survey Engine (beta)

• Database tables to support generation of interfaces to record survey data

• Survey Plugin to facilitate abstraction of survey data into Caisis

• Admin interface to create surveys

• Admin control over questions, available responses, response input types, response display and required fields

Vocabulary (Lookup Code) Enhancements

• New administrative section for more specific control over vocabulary

• Creation of Parent – Child relationships between terms to enable cascading drop down options

• Ability to assign attributes to terms, for example, tag the Procedures that only apply to Breast Cancer

Support for New Diseases/Services

• Plastics

• Thoracic

New Tables and Data Collection Forms

• Hospitalization

• Serious Adverse Events

• Medical Therapy Administration

• Radiation Therapy Administration

• Patient Response

• Patient Treatment Deviations

• Absent Events

• Meta Data Schema for Tables

• Meta Data Schema for eForms

• Meta Data Schema for Surveys

• Specimens to Collections

• Head & Neck Pathology

• Head & Neck Findings

• Thyroid Pathology

• Pulmonary Tests

• Lung Pathology

• Breast Reconstruction

• Plastic Free Flaps

• Procedure Assistants

• Related Records

• Numerous addition of fields to pre-existing tables (available upon request)

Table Level Metadata

• Movement of data from Xml config file into a new database schema to better control attributes of tables

• Addition of interfaces to the Admin Utility to control these form properties such as title, appearance in menus, layout (grid vs list), display with parent and/or child forms, association with disease view, plugin integration, and many more.

• Allows ad hoc addition of new attributes to tables and their respective data entry form

Absent Events

• Table and interface to support collection information that events did not occur. For example, no prior procedures, or no known allergies.

Specimen Management

• Creation of Associative table between specimens and collections so a specimen can be part of many collections

• Neurologic Tumor Query Interface

• Ability to export list of specimens to Excel (given proper permissions)

• Ability to look at specimens by arbitrary blinded patient identifier instead of medical record number

Other (Most Technical)

• Addition of DOB, Middle Name, Race & Gender to Add New Patient Form

• Addition of active username to header

• Image upload security fix

• Updates to Patient Controller class for centralized control of patient session and header information

• Updates to associative tables so all conform to Caisis standard key conventions

• Refactoring of date formats application wide to fully support conversion to international dates

• Cleanup, consolidation and enhancements to Caisis Input Controls

• Centralized all application email logic into MailManager class

• Updates to History of Present Illness algorithms for Prostate (GU and Urology), Testis and Bladder

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