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2008 Presentations

  • ISBER 2008, Bethesda, MD. CAISIS Allows 22 Research Groups World-Wide to Manage Clinical and Biospecimen Data in a Single Data Format[1]

2007 Presentations

  • IAMI 2007, Kochi, India. The Caisis Project: Integrating Patient Care, Research Systems and Workflows[2]


  • Khushi M, Carpenter JE, Balleine R, Clarke CL. Development of a data entry auditing protocol and quality assurance for a tissue bank database. Cell and Tissue Banking ePub Feb 18 2011 [3]
  • Potters L, Kattan MW, Fearn P. A chronological database to support outcomes research in prostate cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 56:1252, 2003[4]
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