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Legend started

The universe is made of numerous world composed of the yuan, the yuan in one of the world, know only one of the mainland, the name of the mainland-crystal. This is because the name of the world's energy comes from a mineral called Spar, which Spar is the world's grain-based goods, is no exaggeration to say that the civilized world-crystal is built on the Spar on civilization . Lighting small to large ships to the force, are all dependent on the quality of all the energy provided by the Spar. If Spar suddenly disappear, that the civilized world will immediately return to prehistoric times.

Jing Bao was the shape of the mainland Chinese characters of "person" fonts, was artificially divided into East mainland, the mainland and the North West mainland, surrounded on three sides by the middle of the ocean in the mainland, known as the middle of the sea-land, referred to the Mediterranean, in the myths and legends In the depths of the Mediterranean sea is the seat of the palace.

West China to the brink of the sea god in the British Empire West is one of the mainland's power. Senhai of God in the central north of the British Empire, where the forest area for most of the British Empire God, Gumingsenhai Province, the province is also the country's largest timber producing areas. Senhai the southern province of a very ordinary town, but the town has a very ordinary boy, he is spreading more charges Road West. Almost every person in town all know, spreading costs more than the West Road is a monster. He naturally has a strong Wupi forces, and even their own can not control, which often has no intention to produce a more destructive, as he is not bad to shoot the pub tables, Rede Excitement is not the boss. And the only way for the West live with the old man Radzi clear way for the forces from the West in his mother.

Road West for the mother of Anji is a fanatical WU Xue lovers, is also not stopped Huaitai Lianqi, resulting in a gas line when not taking care of the Cha Dao, the large number of losers into a fetal Zhenqi, the consequences Is the mother of the fetus was acquired Zhenqi congenital Zhenqi integration, this powerful Zhenqi in the fetus in the automatic operation. Wanxing the fetus is not dead, if this was not a responsible mother luck a little mistake, this set the fetus died. However, Weng Cypriot missing horse, the good and bad fortune to know that the fetus Wanxing became her mother's unfortunate that this has not been born in Health, has several times Bichang Ren powerful force - are also inherent Zhenqi - the monster, the mother Do this was to produce a monster. For the poor road in the West do not know who is father, mother of the dead came to the Ren Shijian.

Radzi is the mother of West Road for the master, according to Generations Road West asked him for the division. This is a depressed man of the old man, his heart seems to be hidden too much suffering. Road fees also engage in the West do not understand, Radzi division of the public so strong technical force, what else can not do things » Road one day for the West can not help but ask, Radzi look seriously on the road for the West, said: "Children, do not think that has a strong ability can do whatever they like, to know that the power of the individual is always individual, and our The world is formed by millions of people and the world the true strength of this organization is that millions of people from the Runescape Gold Runescape Powerleveling Runescape Quest Runescape Gold Farm Runescape Mini Game Rs Power levelingsystem, no individual is not in confrontation with the system. "

Road West for more than 10 years of life that seems immutable, daily basis to school, come back with the division of Lianwu Radzi, the same path as the clock accurate. Think of their own-trick for the West Road, the heart can not help but secretly pleased, since his sensible with Radzi turnout, the division now Radzi could not learn from him, he often through the town and some of Bounty Hounds, street fighters Learn from, seems to have not lost.

WU Xue Jing Bao, including the world-trick magician. Some skills and magic-although the results have elements, but the judgement is that the essential differences between them, Wu Zhen Qi technology is based on the speed, strength, skills outside the additional effect of the elements is the result of Lianqi for the yuan, often referred to as Magic. The magic is based on the spirit and magic effects are relying on the elements of the force field and the natural resonance frequency of the circumstances play out. Elements of the effect of a thunderbolt, the trend line, the Department of vapor, debris of, Huo-yen line, in the cold, said to belong to all elements of days, land, sea god grasp of the three. Road West for the impact of the Radzi, is a law-minor, his innate Zhenqi-based chain to the cold elements have effects even Radzi could not resist.

It's always按着life of the operation, Shenglaobingsi no one can avoid, has been nearly 80 years of Radzi is no exception. In one day, for the way the West never lost their loved ones are not relatives of the increasingly rising Radzi. Radzi is a division of the death with a smile, he thought about charges Road West no longer needed him the point.

Suddenly get an independent life for Road West, all of a sudden loss of the standard, he always sat on the puzzlement of the small pub in a daze, I do not know what to do. There are often small pub Bounty Hounds Langke and out, charges Road West watching them drink on the width of pride, hearts would like to, perhaps he has some of the out Chuangdang, Buwang This one's ability.

"What you want to« "a hand to catch the road for the West's shoulders.

Niutou charges Road West to see a friendly face, it is a small pub owner of Ye, Ye read by many people, as early as that for psychological Road West. He also charges the Road West, said: "spreading more, ah, you still young and not so anxious to determine their own future. Prior to this, you can learn more and more, and then choose a suitable its own path."

After listening to Runescape money Rs Gold Runescape quest Runescape GP Rs quest Rs GPcharges Road West, Xiangle Xiang asked: "You say to learn more, where the school where I went to see it» "

Oh ye of laughed and said: "went to Beijing to learn first-wu's College, which is known as the Royal College of Tianxiadiyi, with your skill will be able through the admission test. Want to say more, or to go to the capital, Beijing Lane Canglongwohu, there should be a lot of merit to see it. "

Road West to thank for that: "Thank you, Uncle."

"I do not have to with polite." Ye law to say: "I know a businessman named Jin Choi Asia, he was preparing to leave the capital, the need to hire a security guard, you may be interested in what candidates to the security guards with him."

"Yes, Uncle gave me trouble about." Xixia road for the determination promised Road.

999 era in June, the capital of the British Empire God-Jishi Li is a small North Road - along the lush trees of many in this hot-weather looks very cool and pleasant feeling, a tree , The bandit card extraordinary Dale Ge Haqian, 100 south of the silly Lai read a heart Digu: how not to the right people have been waiting for four hours, not four hours and 20 minutes, Is Today, it has to go home empty handed » Ceng appears to have dinner with that.

On the card Husiluanxiang extraordinary time, the distance from the two people, one of a Qing and Uncle Junior. Shuiyi no extraordinary flash cards, forced paternity of not less than from the other side jump down. This appears to be the best targets of a robbery, looks like a small businessman with a Uncle Junior. Just imagine the things he will be so successful? »

Some people see the boy in front of the trees down, pointing to Uncle said: "Look, Uncle, in front of someone falling from a tree."

Uncle Kuxiao: "it is not robbery, the gods bless."

E Henhen cards do extraordinary side-by-over, probably feel no need to deal with this sword (perhaps they do not want to wounding ») Wangdeshangyi So the sword into the game before the yelled out:" stay-not leave Fate, leaving life without leaving money, one-on-demand, and so you! "

Seeing nothing new juvenile portraits like watching gangster thing, the mouth exciting talking to himself to say: "Oh, this is gangster ah, today also witnessed the long count."

Uncle Junior and then moved back behind the silent, his face seems to be waiting for what Sixiaofeixiao.

Seeing the face of the card extraordinary Chuhuyiwai the response of these two individuals, a sense of humiliation my mind, again Taiheyisheng: "hand over the money, and so you!" Gangster Hei hei smile directed at teenagers, suddenly a dynamic first hand The. Wu is also practised card extraordinary people, but only to see the boy he extended a finger-poke, it must be gas crazy, so be Kanbian is absolutely intolerable, so he made to run full Punched, vowed to lessons on this I do not know the severity of the juvenile.

Chi said at that time fast, card extraordinary Zheyi Quan has not yet made a Qujiu feel unstoppable force has been washed his face after Piaopiao Ran, precisely, is to be a fly out, until the hit A real tree fell down. Card extraordinary only feel dizzy dizzying Kouganshezao tinnitus, the body completely paralyzed. I do not know how long after he climbed up and found that he had been moved to a grasshopper, it is also on the side of the sword, next to the tree also engraved the words: Haoziweizhi. Card extraordinary mind a while can not say the flavor.

This is juvenile charges Road West, he took over the escort-Jin Choi Uncle task.

Cities, Choi Jin-interest charges on the two roads, said: "You have spread more plane?» Xiangen I want to live together, and then again Admission »"

Road charges that the West Asia into financial reward to the Abundant simply take care of him, and although the road to help solve a nondescript Uncle gangster, but compared to Asia or take care of his earnings into a little more, think I am sorry to the trouble of the Uncle. So said: "No, Uncle, now is the time enrollment, I think very soon will be able to school, did not need to trouble you."

For Road West get their reward - 500 Tongyuan told after the breaking up Uncle. Together with his mother and left to the division of his estate, thousands of Tongyuan is all the property he has. West of the mainland currency has four: money, silver dollar, Tongyuan, copper son, plus or minus two adjacent currency exchange rate between the statutory 10 to 1. Road West for the thousands Tongyuan also equivalent to dozens of money.

God the British Empire east Mediterranean, North and South Lianyun Xikao Hill, the West is one of the mainland power. It's all-natural capital is Qixiangwanqian. Prosperity. The palace has magnificent temples, bustling shops Jiusi. Empire spread there is a saying: City of God-all the old Habitat, which means this is the name of the city-god who is the former residence. As a whole empire 20 provinces at the centre of the capital known as Empire-pearl, but also because the British Empire through God's strength and superior geographic location, the West-have become like the mainland's central cities.

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