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East Metropole wide Shili, is the first city of the Central Plains, the town Fengwu also quite busy, a few streets hawking goods are sea of people, very lively, but the other side of the palace prohibited place it is a solemn silence, the officers and men holding the blade , Like two of the world.

Since the wild, the Tang dynasty emperor unified the world Baishi, the Central Plains culture will be pushed to capacity, all ethnic groups have allegiance to Tang Shi, the world has finally unified, although a little short time, but after all, or reunification.

After the summit is low, a great empire in the War of the Tang Emperor Ming's hands during the day suddenly become Qilingbala, first Hanshi rise, Liu Han Wang dry first in the East are Chen Di, to send troops into the West are, Tang Announced the end of empire, but Liu did not do it the capability of Pingding the world, of all have the sky, the last after almost 20 years of fighting, finally clear up the situation, Wang Liang and his designated for Jiang and rule, known as the History Northern and Southern Dynasties period.

Lapo a juvenile in the East are on the streets.

He said Lapo, is not excessive, the Runescape Powerleveling Runescape Money Runescape Gold Runescape Power leveling Rs Powerleveling Rs Power levelingman's clothes had broken state, to swap pants down, just like a broken off the cloth is not even in his waist, thanks to hand-pulling.

At that moment he was at a loss in the East are taking the streets, do not know where to go to the next step.

The huge city, it does not have its own position there, if not know the people of this era, I am afraid people will vote around to look strange, to think of this juvenile Kuxiao shook his head.

He is now trying to sit down and rest, he was suddenly two beggars in the street Wai, one of humanity: "This child seems Daohenbainen, Xiaolian long is not bad, just do not know that I can Jingde Zhu's fist "

Junior stood up, alert to see the two, said: "The two want to do» "look at the two beggars Laizhebushan, Manhanshaqi, Daoxiang is to fight!

"Do not want to do, only Kan Buguan you, tell you that this is the site of Lao Zi, to Hun Xiaqu, I quickly to change!" Exposed one of fierce color, Wu Henhen to Dengzhao juvenile.

Junior understand, the original twoRs Money Rs Gold Runescape GP Runescape quest Rs quest Rs GP beggars him as a similar, and gas Youxiao can not help but wear their own like this, by others as a beggar is not what inverted Wonders. Molai You raised a while in the hearts of feeling tired, and these people struggle What's the point!

He stood up and smiled: "They say this as a big brother, then I "

"Xiangzou how can there be so easy, I today to discuss a no coins, your kid is the Songshangmenlai……" the vicious beggars wanted to come today gas is not running smoothly and punched up on the play, set to hit a glance Boy in the stomach, the boy suddenly a Huishen, hold hands quickly made a fist, at the foot of a move, a throw back to the beggars refused to shoulder throw from the past, many to throw in the ground, this is not the Shuaide light, In addition to loud Canjiao beggars, no longer Fabu Chu other voices.

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