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Yeshenrenjing the time, occasionally slightest Yefeng , blowing movie leaves the issue again, "Shasha" beep. At this point, the shadow of a Heihu Hu as if ghosts leap on the roof, tens of meters distance for him, it can be "close proximity" to describe.

Po Kong voice suddenly sounded a while, a stone to racing in Heiying to recover, Heiying the catch lightning stones, his left hand Yidou faster than the original route to the radio coming back.

Sharp voice a while across the sky, Heiying also obedient parked in situ, as if waiting for the voice of the masters there. 

"Switch things down," said a female. More than 10 meters high from the roof of the distance between the eyes of the girl seems to be only lightly leaped for a high degree only. "啪" out, flying stones Yi Zhayan he was losing his girl to the ground, her left hand I do not know where his way out of a black, Lengleng the Dengzhe eyes only the eyes exposed silhouette.

"If I link it» "the Heiyingxixue said, her eyes Runescape Powerleveling Runescape Money Runescape Gold Runescape Power leveling Rs Powerleveling Rs Power levelingfocused on the immediate girls, she saw a uniform, long hair in Hounao Shao, Liu Yemei Coupled on a pair of Xing Yan, is obviously a rare standard Beauty.

"Phbbbbt! That may not be you!" Girls Lengheng Road. Yishuai the hands of his way to Heiying hailed from the past, but proud of the girls for the immediate Heiying Bianfa seems to be simply can not afford any threat, Heiying like ghosts in the Shenfa Bianying in Laiquziru, as the black Ghost like. Suddenly, a loss of balance Heiying the way, as is almost falling from the roof to, the opportunity to the girls thought it faster than normal Shuaidong his way, the goal is to Heiying the hands of the burden.

In his way to meet that burden, Heiying not suddenly disappear, and again in the girls left, he heard her in light incense to the full Xixue tone of voice said, "your body-I am intoxicated, But I think when you are not suitable for preservation. Goodbye, hoped that the next can be another way to see you! "After the finish, then use Qinggong Heiying the girls left side.

Girls would like to move, but find themselves unable to move, thinking that the other party will pinpoint their own, but she tried several ways or inextricably Xuedao, Yin Yin think there are stocks in the energy Click here for their own internal forces will be tightly sealed in the Dan Tian, But can only watch Heiyingyouzai Yan Zhengzheng of the missing in their eyes, ears, voice also came a while, "girls night out should not span! Particularly like you soRs Money Rs Gold Runescape GP Runescape quest Rs quest Rs GP beautiful girl, you stand impunity Here two hours, then you can move on. Oh…… "

Girls know that this is to Nei Gong spiritual to a certain degree of time to make up the Qianlizhuanyin, did not expect thieves circles Xiang Dangdang "network warfare" was so terrible, I am afraid that even the father is not his opponent! He seemed to listen to the voices no 20-year-old, even for such repair, in the end is what people »

Heiying racing for a while, stop and look around to four weeks, and after drilling an ordinary building, disappeared in the darkness enveloped the night.

Return to the room, Xie Mo Yan reached the central hall where a nameless souls, placed below a common Muhe, he took out two candles next to Lingtai, their hands gently Yibai, incense ignited a fire on it.

"Master, I am back!" Xie Mo Yan, meditation, prayer after a few words, he will return to the room, the hands of the small burden will carefully opened, the show in front of us is a crystal clear the white jade Buddha statues, in the dark room, Yin Yin A fluorescent, the sighted can tell a Buddha statue valuable.

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