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"This is the French National Broadcasting Corporation in particular to press reports, that the audience you good friends, I was exposed cards, now I Balisena River at the Louvre Museum to report back to you!"

"You see, here is the door to the Louvre museum, has now been blocked by the police, marked with a white warning line, no one shall be arbitrarily access, a full-time security guards responsible for the inventory. Just this morning, Museum Came news of two a total of 19.5 million euros worth of diamonds in a display of antique and jewellery was missing, then there are a few of the missing treasure relics, including the Franks Suo Wake Luai Well-known work "The Princess Elizabeth of Austria portrait." Although so far, because the guards still can not stop us from entering the museum, access to more detailed information, but in our multi-mission, a museum staff has basically confirmed the news, they That theft is the main reasonRunescape Powerleveling Runescape Money Runescape Gold Runescape Power leveling Rs Powerleveling Rs Power leveling for the lack of basic security exhibition of security protection measures, but the police do not seem to agree with the argument that, in their view, the thieves of this is in fact alarming, staff Fangbushengfang. "

"But no matter which way was confirmed that the police are also to blame, this is the third this year from the theft of relics in a short period of the year there have been three cases of stolen artifacts, and are Police in the so-called 'surveillance' occurred, it is difficult to police the ability to have confidence in law enforcement. Thank you for watching the news program, I was exposed cards at a later time we'll read more Details of the news content…… "


The French presidential palace in a huge conference room, French President Xilai Ke Shuangzhang many of the film in front of the round-table meeting of teak, Meng get up toRs Money Rs Gold Runescape GP Runescape quest Rs quest Rs GP the station, Liangsai a slightly jitter, the terrible expression Zhengning.

"V Kesibeier…… you let me down too! Even in this election and the eve of such a thing! You look at, is how those reporters said." Xilaikepiao the side of a large plasma TV, Chuanzhuocuqi focused on the immediate ban if the chilling of the National Police Agency Chief Executive, the highest V Kesibeier.

"Do you know who fear the world's opposition to the chaos I add a little trouble»! To you on this matter…… They even raised in Parliament on the proposal! Say that I am ruling adverse! You…… you too Incompetence! "

"The…… this really is that the boy is too cunning……" V Digu Kesibeier neutral tone of the sentence, the usual soaring Police Agency figures, the first time underwear is soaked, although the weather Cold, but the cold sweat or Zhibu Zhu faces the down-slide.

"Do you dare to defend!" Xilai Ke is yelling out, the room is suddenly quiet down, the atmosphere even more suppressed. children, all of a sudden Xilai Ke: "This is him the« you can certainly »"

"I am sure he is doing! Who is also available in addition to his ability from the tight security measures then in to steal things out and I sent people to monitor the special immigration records, the incident at the time he appeared in Paris, but then suddenly Disappeared, Cha Budao any sightings……! God ah ~ Who can tell me he is in the end how to do »" V Kesibeier finally catch the opportunity to immediately begin the grievances such as the surging river as Lianmianbujue Pouring out.

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