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What’s new in Caisis Version 6.0?

  • DASHBOARD – The splash page has been replaced with widgets containing quick access to commonly used information and links.  First generation widgets include Dataset Metrics, Recently Viewed Patients, Recently Viewed Reports, Today’s Clinic List, and Recent Eforms.

  • PERSONALIZATION – Support has been added to store user preferences. First used in storing a user’s dataset and lab value preferences.

  • ANALYTICS – The reports and data export tab have been combined into a Data Analysis tab which includes:

-        Chart support

-        Multiple input parameters

-        Permission based access

-        Auditing of report views

-        New Prostate Outcome Measure Reports

-        Prostate Patient QOL Summary Report

-        Integration of R stats library

-        Dataset Generation: Prostate, Pancreas, Liver, Raw Survey Data

-        Export to Excel or CSV

-        Overall improved UI design

-        Many other new reports

  • ADMIN TOOLS – The admin interface has been completely overhauled to provide more intuitive system management. Workflow based navigation and disease centric configuration introduced.

  • CONFIGURATION BY DISEASE – The system has been re-architected to allow for customization by disease:

- Presentation of data entry forms by disease

- Disease specific vocabulary, menus, and more

- Display eForms, forms, reports, and surveys by disease

  • WEB SERVICE FRAMEWORK – Services introduced to ease the integration with external systems. First generation features include:

-        Service authentication, transaction monitoring and IP validation

-        Service to consume survey data

-        Service to expose clinical patient summary

-        Service to query the SSDI


-        Breast Surgery Follow Up

-        Colorectal Consult

-        Gastro-Esophageal Surgery

-        Gastric Surgery

-        General Urology Endoscopy

-        Surgery Complications

-        Urology Urodynamics

-        Gynecology Details

-        GTD Eform

-        Pediatric Neurology

-        Oral Cavity

-        Oropharynx Details

-        Pancreatitis

-        Prostate Specimens

-        PCCTC Baseline

  • SURVEY ENGINE – Now allows editing existing data as well as addition of new surveys

  • WORKFLOWS –Improvements provide administrator ability to create more stable custom data entry interfaces using fields from any table.

  • FOLLOW UP MODULE – Additional intelligence and automation to track patients longitudinally, send surveys, receive data and alert administrators of pending events. Support for direct querying of the Social Security Death Index.

  • PROTOCOL MANAGEMENT MODULE – Major improvements to protocol administration, patient scheduling, and data collection.

  • TUMOR BOARDS / PATIENT EVENTS – Patients can be flagged for events such as Tumor Boards with associated data collection.
  • DATA ENTRY FORMS - Updated look and improved architecture for better performance and ease of customization.
  • DATA MODEL ENHANCEMENTS - Changes made to the following tables to support integration with external systems and more comprehensive disease data: 

Tables Updated: OperatingRoomDetails UserExports SocialHistories Procedures ProstatectomyProc Diagnostics Comorbidities CystectomyPath PathTest Encounters ColorectalProc ProcedureFinding Pathology PathologyFindings PatientProblems Toxicities

New Tables LiverPath UserAttributes DiseaseAttributes DiseaseAttributeValues

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