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08.06.2013: During upgrade, running "3_ImportMetaData.sql" scripts fails on instances of SQL Server that do not use "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" as the default collation. FIX:

In in the file Caisis60NewInstall\DatabaseFiles\3_ImportMetaData.sql there are several temp tables created which need to have their text columns mapped with specific collations. Update the CREATE TABLE statements throughout the file to include the following "Collate" statement after the [varchar] columns


CREATE TABLE [dbo].[##Z_LookupCodes] (

[LookupCodeId] [int] NOT NULL,

[LkpFieldName] [varchar](50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,

[LkpCode] [varchar](255) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,

[LkpDescription] [varchar](255) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,

[LkpOrder] [smallint] NULL,

[LkpSuppress] [bit] NOT NULL,

[EnteredBy] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,

[EnteredTime] [datetime] NOT NULL,

[UpdatedBy] [varchar](50) NULL,

[UpdatedTime] [datetime] NULL);

07.04.2012: File Upload plugin, there is an error thrown when viewing or uploading files using the plugin.

Fix: Contact the Caisis team for the patched file.

06.12.2012: Protocol Manager, when filtering patients by treatment arm a "Invalid cast" error is thrown, causing the calendar and list view to not display.

Fix: Requires updated DataAccess source code.

04.17.2012: For pages with a large number of input fields (i.e., editing "Institutions" vocabulary items), you may receive an "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" exception. A .NET security update places a limit on the number of POSTed variables for a page cause pages to throw an exception.

Fix: Increase the number of POSTed variables in the web.config to a larger number, such as 2000.

   <add key="aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys" value="2000" />


  • Reported 08.1.2011 by Cleveland Clinic:

When using the new install, the metadata on the Encounters form needs to be updated. Delete the "EncBP" field and add the "EncSystolic" and "EncDiastolic" fields.

  • Reported 01.18.2011 by EVMS: Under the Forms and eForms tabs, no menu items (eforms and paper forms) because the "active=true" attribute is missing from the App_Date/PaperFormRegistry.xml and App_Data/EFormRegistry.xml files. To rectify simple add "active=true" to each form like this:
 displayname="Breast Surgery Follow Up"
 name="Breast Surgery FU"
  • Reported 3.01.2011 : Workflows are currently limited to using fields from a table only once (do not drag fields from the same table twice).

Found an issue? Please let us know:


  • 05.13.2010: The the new Admin Workflow Builder, there may be an error loading certain interfaces and dropdown items when no Patient is in Session.
    • Fix: Load a patient in session before working with Admin Workflow Builder.


Posted 12.02.2008 Fixed v4.1 problems 412, 415, 416 and 417

v4.1 Known Issues

11.01.08 Problem 417: Fields on Patient Data Entry Forms do not sort properly. When using SQL Server 2005 and updating data using the admin metadata interface, the logic may sort the fields randomly.
Fix: Need to update your application to v4.1.1 or request the AdminMetaTables.aspx.cs and the MetadataNewDa.cs files from the Caisis Team.

10.15.08 Problem 416: Specimen Accession Menu item is under the Pathology menu item. The parent record therefore appears to be "Pathology" and using the bread crumb trail may give the appearance of crossed records.
Fix: Need to update your PatientDataEntyConfig.xml file to put the Specimen Accession node under the closing tag of the Pathology node.

10.15.08 Problem 415: On updating ONLY the specimen location in the specimens datagrid, on save the change is not recorded.
Fix: Fixed in version 4.1.1 or contact the CaisisTeam for the SpecimenLocationControl.ascs and .cs files.

Problem 414: There are no look up codes for Pathology Stage N & M fields.
Fix: You can either add lookup codes or using the meta data interface in the administrative utility, update the N & M fields types from "CaisisSelect" to "CaisisTextBox"

Problem 413:On data entry forms with datagrids, if you reach the limit of available grid rows, in order to make more rows available you are prompted to save the record. In some cases the records are not saved.
Fix: Use the main "SAVE" button at the button of the form to confirm your updates have been saved properly.

Problem 412: The link to "Create New Roles" in the Groups & Roles section of the Admin is missing.
Fix: Add the node below in bold to your App_Config/AdminConfig.xml file:

   <item pageTitle="Notes & Definitions" href="AdminRoleSectionIntro.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Create New Roles" href="AdminRoles.aspx?addNew=yes"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Update Roles" href="AdminRoles.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Create New User Groups" href="AdminGroups.aspx?addNew=yes"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Update User Groups" href="AdminGroups.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Associate Groups with Roles" href="AdminGroups.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Associate Groups with DataSets" href="AdminGroupsToDatasets.aspx"></item>
   <item pageTitle="Give Groups Access to Tabs" href="AdminGroupTabAccess.aspx"></item>

Problem 411: You experience an error when trying to load the add/edit physicians page.
Fix: Your SQL Server 2005 database should be in SQL Server 2000 Compatibility mode (80). This is the default setting when installing Caisis so you will only receive the error if the option has been manually updated to 2005.

v4.0 know issues

402. The version for release posted to prior to November 7th contained a serious bug related to date values. If you are using this version, please reinstall just the web application using the current download. The database was not effected by this problem and does not need to be reinstalled.

401. The Patient Summary report in under the Data Analysis Tab does not return the patients Allergies, Medications, and Comorbidities properly (contact if immediate fix needed).

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